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Reviews Section
Unwritten Legends by Hazanko

First of all these reviews haven't been pull because they contain valid criticisms of your game. These might not be what you want posted here but that is not your decision. This is my forum to point out the problems with Unwritten Legends, you cannot directly censor me like you used to and you can no longer punish me since I do not play.

Secondly I have no intention of playing the game, if i did i would have simply changed IPs and requested a new account. You can ban an individual character but the banning of players is not possible, of course you already know that.

Third, the problems with the systems of this game have not been resolved or fixed in anyway. The combat system is still miserable (I do still know people in the game), the magic system is broken as well, the staff have their own characters (using their position as staff to ensure the dominance of their RP) and the NPCs are still always over buffed (staff are amazingly petty)

Of course this post means yet another response from Dy. This response will take my criticisms as some sort of desire to be unbanned, but I've already pointed out that if i wanted to play i could. Just because I take every chance to mock the Gilmore Girls, does not mean that I am a closet fan. Likewise, just because I take a few minutes to write up a review for your game does not mean I want to play it.