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Reviews Section
Xyllomer by Angela

Oh, I reviewed Xyllomer alright.. Xyllomer. This Mud. As in That one. Yep. Everything I said stands.

Who wants to spend time with someone who doesn't put effort into their character? I completely agree with you. The people in this mud put very little, if any at all thought or effort into their character. The most you will ever see is a half-hearted clicheed-to-death lazy attempt at a backstory... that has absolutely no relation to the actual events in the game.... such as "My father was killed and my mother prays to tharandril", for example. That is exactly what im talking about.

I do not participate in forums and really don't think it should be required to participate ina forum to enjoy a MUD game. That is a point against it, not for it, as far as I can see.

You know exactly what I'm talking about when i say basic adventurer class, I just mean the general class-less state you start out in. That is such a weak argument I can't even believe it. I can assure you, I meant and still mean xyllomer.

And I also agree with the other review: To go 5 months without seeing any good or even half-good RP is truly strange. I went 5 months on Xyllomer without seeing it. That's why I left. And yes, I am speaking about Xyllomer.

The guilds you can join right off are not truly guilds at all. They are crafting or combat professions which anybody can join at any time, even when they already belong to a guild. Another weak argument.

To join any real guild requires gret amounts of intense player and admin interaction which can go on for weeks, months, and years. which would be FINE, except the interaction isn't there.

You don't get people teaching you and guiding you into the guild you want. All you get is promises and waiting. And waiting. And promises. "Yeah, keep roleplaying, it takes roleplaying to get into the guild." months later.... "yeah, just keep roleplaying, dont worry, it takes roleplaying and forming a bond to get into the guild... just keep roleplaying" ... and waiting. And waiting.

And nothing happens. It's all promises. It's all talk. The result and the action is simply not there.

So yeah, if you enjoy to roleplay that you're waiting... forget my review, and go for this game. It IS about Xyllomer though. This game. Yep.