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Reviews Section
Xyllomer by To Angela again

You wrote:
"The most you will ever see is a half-hearted clicheed-to-death lazy attempt at a backstory... that has absolutely no relation to the actual events in the game.... such as "My father was killed and my mother prays to tharandril", for example."

I seem not to understand what actual events you are reffering to. If someone doesn't want to play his father is alive and the mother is praying to Tharandil (for whatever reason perhaps she prays to Tharandil cuz the father died) I see nothing wrong with it. A backstory should not be attached to actual events. How shall this work. You start the char not as a 8 year old, it starts at age of 18 or 20 I think so a background story should _not_ have anything to do with actual events but more with the past of the char until you asked him first time you see and talk to him or her.

You wrote:
"I do not participate in forums and really don't think it should be required to participate ina forum to enjoy a MUD game. That is a point against it, not for it, as far as I can see."

Actually not all do participate in the forum. But the forum is the best place to post ideas, talk about stuff which might be interesting for the MUD and give ideas to wizards who may implent one or the other idea. As the game is IC itself only the Forum is the best place to communicate OOC and give hints where the MUD lacks something and I think compliments are welcome there, too.

You wrote:
"You know exactly what I'm talking about when i say basic adventurer class, I just mean the general class-less state you start out in."

Thats the freedom you have in Xyllomer. You are not put into a class at the start. If someone wants to RP a farmboy from far away how can you argue that he knows how to disarm an orc and lands a high-kick into his face with a somersault over it placing a big sword directly into its heart? A farmboy who only knew how to harvest a field can't do this, right? But nevertheless there is a Warrior guild to join which is not playerun and open to all the class-less chars who wants to join a guild and make exps on their own by hack and slash for instance. If you decided to be a Warrior of course.

You wrote:
"The guilds you can join right off are not truly guilds at all. They are crafting or combat professions which anybody can join at any time, even when they already belong to a guild. Another weak argument."

Thats not entirely true. You can't join a combat profession guild and join another mainguild.
There is the Merchants Guild and Alchemist Guild which is available to all even when being in a mainguild. The Merchants Guild for example offers therefor another way to make coins you need for stuff or training other than Hack'n'Slash. Not all players like to Hack'n'Slash to make coins. Some even choose to play more pacifistic and the Merchants offer for them a nice solution as there are other skills than combat oriented skills out there where you have to pay coins at schools. The Smiths Guild is a raceguild open for Dwarves only but this doesn't mean other races can't create and forge weapons/armours. The Dwarves just can do it better. And yes, the Smiths you can join besides a mainguild, too. Else it would be too boring only to play a Merchant, Alchemist or Smith. Everyone should have the right to join a mainguild and add to the game with the layman guilds.
The new crafting system is in progress where everyone can be something else besides being in a mainguild +merchant +alchemist. So noone has to make x-chars to get them known. It is more fun to concentrate on one char only (my personal opinion) and as Xyllomer doesn't like interactions with your own chars due to this rule "1 char logged-in only at the same time" the cheating will be reduced to null and zero. You have to wait even 30 minutes after logging-out and logging-in another char out of fairness reasons.

Further I have no clue where you tried to apply. I don't think anyone ignored you with intention not to take you. Something went wrong obviously. I am not sure who told you to wait and wait and wait but probably not one of the members of the guild you applied at (assuming). Many things could have gone wrong. Mail sent out never was delivered due to misspelling of the receiver's name? Used the ingame mail editor and typed something wrong in the end so it was never sent? The one you sent the mail at stopped playing due to real life issues and wasnt seen for months afterwards?  Always look at the medal. It has two sides and I am sure something went wrong but somehow I have no clue what. There is an open section on the Forum of Xyllomer where you can post anonymous without registration and I am sure we all like to hear what happened to get rid of this problem in the future.

Those things should not be topic of a review section on topmudsites. Surely not when there was only a missunderstanding?
Before rumours arise, no, I am not from the Admin a coder or anything like this. I am just a player.