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Reviews Section
New Worlds by Jainlean

I have been playing this MUD for about 2 years now and I have caught the addiction. I am eager to get home just so I can log on and see what been going on in New Worlds.

Some have said that this game is non-newbie based, but I disagree. The commands are very easy to learn and everyone is extremely helpful...almost to the point of annoyance:). As soon as I started I was being escourted through town, introduced to others, and being made to feel at home. This particular character was a victim of cliquing, but what is a game without a little drama? Besides, if you stick to it, it all works out anyway and then your event (or whatever it may be)will be remembered with the notion that you are a good RPer.

Speaking of RP, this game has a lot of -great- RPers, probably some of the best, but as every other MUD can express, there are also those who are not so good. A lot of cuddling and snuggling about town from those who do nothing but type the auto-emotes, but if you search around you can find some great people! Just recently there was a HUGE amount of RP as the Druids tried to overtake Gahlen. It was amazing! Everyone had something to do, and even now there are reporters writing articles, those who were banned by the duke are rebelling and so on. It is true the game can be dead now and again, but with the right fuel, you can make a fire burn.

I recommend this game to whoever likes the interaction part of MUDS. This game is for RPing your adventure, so if you like the hacking and slashing part, this isnt the game for you. Because it is still in Beta, not all the area's are open, but as it is, there is a lot of land to cover and much to explore. So don't pay attention to those 'nay sayers' who only gave a hour of playtime, come to New Worlds and explore the fantasy of a true MUD.

-The player behind Jainlean-