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Reviews Section
New Worlds by Nick

I would write a response to the latest review of this MUD, which I find flawed in several aspects.

First, I have played this MUD for over two years.  I was one of the first people to play "beta" way back then.  This game has been, and probably always will "beta."  To the administration of this game, the word "beta" means, "that which I don't have the skill or time to fix."  Which reveals that with New Worlds, "beta" will last "forever."  Don't expect the game to ever be "done."

New Worlds was originally created, because a bunch of MUD players with some coding skills got sick of being "pushed around" on another MUD, and actually had the motivation to do something about it.  For this, kudos to them.  However, the game REEKS of the sandbox mentality (I.E "If you don't like my friends, go play somewhere else.")  Favoritism and cliques are RAMPANT in this game, so be ready for it.  The administration is control and power happy to a frightening degree, and they will get involved in any aspect of your RP which might negatively affect their characters or their friends.  They will initially attempt to do this "in character," but have also been know to use "out of character" methods.  In short, don't screw with them, or they will screw you.  

To call New Worlds an RPI is laughable.  In truth, I felt more immersed overall in the roleplay of Super Mario World, than I did in New Worlds. Do not bother attempting to roleplay anything "evil" or "flawed" in this MUD.  You will not be appreciated, you will probably be ganged up on, and you have no hope code-wise to survive against the chat-room mentality snugglers of New Worlds.

What does Roleplay Intensive mean to me?  Well, it means that there is an immersive world in which ALL TYPES of class and character exists, and these players seldom to never use their character in an OOC way.  It also means that unless cheating is obvious, the admin never gets involved in or plays in "in character" squabbles, as they have an obvious advantage.

Which leads me to say again.  DO NOT attempt to play an evil, flawed, or otherwise conflict-driven character in this game.  The administration WILL try to control your efforts and, failing that, they will simply use their maxed-out uber characters to "deal with you in character."  The snuggler players WILL use any advantage they can against you, including asking their friends on instant messangers for help.  Your hope for good roleplay down this path is minimal, and your chances for survival less.

That is not to say that there is not good roleplay to be found in New Worlds.  Several players know what they are doing, and they are very enjoyable to play with.  But even they play within the boundaries that have been set for them, and it is obvious when you ask them to do something conflict-driven, and they suddenly aren't interested.  The playerbase is scared to roleplay any sort of conflict without the administration's prior approval.  

That doesn't make for a very realistic world, and certainly not an RPI.  Feel free to create a character, and see for yourself.  Sit in the MUDs "tavern" for 10 minutes.  Assuming there are actually people there, and they aren't all borging...time how long it takes for someone to tickle their friend 5 times, spin around the room, and ask to be turned into a duck.  This is the extent of "roleplay" in this MUD.  Enjoy.

This games is fabulous for the stay-at-home mom or college kid who wants to play dress-up with a bunch of other people in a carefully controlled, moderated-conflict, Renn Faire type setting.    To anyone who wants anything more serious than that, this game is a waste of your time.