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Reviews Section
Star Wars Life Rebirth by Patch

Well there is a lot to say. But I will do my best to cut the fat, and get down to the nitty gritty. Star Wars Life: Rebirth is, by far, the greatest Star Wars Mud I have ever played and have ever been a part of.

I have had my share of playing as a mortal on quite a few other Star Wars Themed muds for roughly ten years now. I’ve dealt with everything that one could imagine, from arrogant Immortal Staff, unjust systems of play, and poor Roleplay. But finally… this game has changed all of that for me.

This Smaug Coded SWR MUD returns to the Golden Age of Star Wars Life, one of the greatest Star Wars Muds that have ever existed. The original owner Omikron enlisted trusted head Immortals Patch, Dejano and Tranin to bring this mud up to speed, and put it on it’s feet. It had a slow and rough rebirth, but with the addition of an exemplary team of Coders, Builders and Administrators, the game was up and running.

The SWL:R immortal staff is, for lack of a better word, phenomenal. They, or I should really say we, are extremely helpful, intelligent, outgoing, newbie friendly, and just a pleasure to work with. The Mud is well built and is constantly changing to add in new areas, content, classes, races and anything they can think up. The code is being added to constantly, and stability is at an all time high. Daily area, player files, and code backups occur every single day… to ensure the maximum security and stability of the entire game, which makes it fun for everyone. No one likes a crash, and in the event that one would ever happen, there will be minimal data loss. That’s a lot better than other Mud’s can offer.

Most of the stock areas have been scrapped, rebuilt, and redone by a team of innovative and detailed builders. All of the areas are fresh, extremely interactive and exciting. Many mob’s interact with you, some can almost even hold conversations and give you multiple quests to maximize the overall thrill of adventure.

There is a strict difference between OOC and IC that is well maintained and kept up by the mortals that play here. And most players govern themselves, and assist newbies out that don’t understand the difference. There are vast help files to assist with anything that is not immediately understood, and new and improved help files being add as I write this review. Innovative additions have also maximized the ability for roleplay, making it both Challenging and exciting. Languages aren’t as easy to learn, yet not impossible. To assist in maximized RP. Lets face it, in Star Wars… no one just walked out of the Academy speaking every language possible, am I right?

Crime families are heavily focused on as well. New skills are being added to assist the non major guilds in undermining the New Republic, the Empire and also… rival clans. Making it Two Major Clans, a Jedi Council Subclan, and four autonomous groups. Keeping a wide range to explore and become creative with. Not to mention fun. There are seven major classes, eight if you include The Force. Which is a random roll, once you Avatar.

Many veterans as well as new players alike interact well in this vast environment. Those who RP well, are rewarded handsomely and are encouraged to pass on their skills to all who play. Cheaters are dealt with swiftly, and fairly. Easy to follow rules are in place to ensure maximum fairness and fun for everyone that plays here.

I want to invite everyone to come on over, and give it a try, and you will not be disappointed. We look forward to having everyone we can, and we’d hope to have a flourishing playerbase with you, the reader, included in it.

Star Wars Life: Rebirth

The only thing that would limit a player’s experience in SWL:R is their imagination.

Thank you for reading this review and may the Force be with you,

Head Immortal
Star Wars Life: Rebirth
“Prepare to return to the place where it all began... witness the Rebirth”