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TMS Voting Rules
The following sections answer some of the most frequently asked questions about voting rules on Top Mud Sites:

What are the forum rules?

Top Mud Sites is a forum to discuss the promotion, building, playing and general enjoyment of MU* type games. Our goal is to create a community in which people are comfortable creating and taking part in MU* related discussions. Following these general rules will improve our community overall:

Rules in all forums:

  • Do not post messages that are obscene, hateful or threatening.

  • Debate and heated discussions are fine, however posting personal attacks, insulting comments or provocative comments adding no value to the discussion at hand is not allowed and those comments will be removed.

  • Posts should remain loosely on topic and related to the discussion area.

  • When a post is clearly outside of these rules please do not respond to it. If posts are removed, other posts quoting them or referencing them also need to be removed to maintain continuity of the discussion.

Forum Specific Rules
  • Discussions should be started in the appropriate forum. For example, only discussions related to MUD programming should be placed into the "MUD Coding" forum. Promotional ads for players should appear in "Advertising for players". For loosely related MUD discussions that do not belong in a specific forum, the "Tavern of the Blue Hand" forum is available.

  • Some forums may have additional rules specific to their subject area. In these cases you will see a "Sticky" post in that forum and an additional FAQ entry for rules within that forum.

Moderator Posts
  • Moderators are encouraged to take part in community discussions and in some debates may have opinions different than your own. Please note that a post from a moderator is just another community member taking part in a discussion and does not necessarily represent the TMS administration as a group. When a moderator is posting "officially", for example, to warn about personal attacks, they will make it clear.

These rules are broad. Before posting, ask yourself if your post adds anything constructive to the discussion or if it is really more about taking a shot at someone. Picture yourself as a visitor from a search engine interested in the thread subject, would they gain any insight from your post relevant to the discussion, or would they learn more about your apparent dislike for another poster?

If your post is moderated you should expect a note explaining why. Your post could be moderated or 'moved' for any number of reasons and does not imply wrongdoing on your behalf.

If in doubt, feel free to ask us via the PM system or contact us here.

Top Mud Sites FAQ
The following sections answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Top Mud Sites:

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