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Telnet Address
This is the address used to connect to the MUD.

If you are using telnet, you will enter 'telnet address:port' to connect to this MUD.

If you are using a MUD client, this is the address and port that you will enter into the client.

If this field is not visible or shows "N/A" for a MUD, it means that the MUD owner has not listed a telnet address and is either not open for players or a web-based game.

Online Status
This field shows the current online status of a MUD.

Not Open means that the MUD is not currently open to players and may have been listed to recruit coders/builders or allow people to learn more about the MUD before release via its website.

Open for Testing means that the MUD is currently open to players for testing purposes only. MUDs open for testing may have a player reset before officially opening and/or may reward their pre-release testers. More information is usually available on the MUD webpage.

Fully Operational means that the MUD is fully open to players.

Ranking Category
The main page of Topmudsites lists the current voting ranks for all MUDs.

The ranking category allows MUDs to be ranking within a specific category and you can view rankings only for that category from the front page.

Physical Location
The physical location of the MUD. MUD owners can choose to list country or country+city in this field. A MUD closer to you may have lower lag but there are many exceptions to this rule. If you have a solid connection and do not experience much internet lag in general, this is less of a concern.

Primary Language
The primary language spoken in this MUD. Other languages may be allowed on channels and forums, but the MUD is generally based around this language.

MUD Category
This is a category chosen by the MUD owner that most closely matches their style of game.

This field may be removed in future releases as it is somewhat duplicated by the 'theme' and 'ranking category' fields.

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