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Why are the listings out of order?
Rather than rewarding MUDs simply for beginning with the letter "A", our default sort order is by current ranking based on number of votes inbound. You can sort the main MUD listing by name, codebase, location or current rank by clicking on that column heading. The heading of the currently sorted column is shown in green. To sort in the reverse order click the column heading a second time.

I'm new to MUDS - What should I search for?
If you are completely new to MUDs many of the fields such as codebase will not mean anything to you and we recommend searching more on general theme. As a new player to MUDs, some of the most important fields that affect gameplay are:

Playerkilling Options:
The phrase "Player Killing" or "PK" means that players within the MUD can attack other players.

When PK is unrestrictetd in a game this means that a large part of the game's focus is based on player killing. It can also mean that new players can have a tough time getting established in a game where PK is unrestricted. There are many great MUDs with unrestricted PK , but we do not recommend them to someone who has never played a MUD before.

Restricted playerkilling means that the game supports and may even encourage player killing, but there are restrictions in place on when PK is available. Restrictions may vary based on level of characters, certain clans, classes or guilds within the MUD, location within the MUD or opt-in PK systems. Most MUDs that support PK have some kind of restricted PK system.

No Playerkilling means that players may not attack other players period. Exceptions to this may involve a combat arena or duels where death is artificial within the game, but within the normal course of the game players cannot attack other players in a 'No PK' MUD.
Whether or not player killing is allowed in the game and level of player killing (PK) supported.

Roleplaying Options:
Roleplaying is broadly defined as playing a character 'in theme'. Some MUDs have strict roleplaying requirements and require real-world or 'out of context' (OOC) discussions to be kept to specific channels. Others have little or no roleplaying requirements.

Online Status:
As a new player to MUDs, we recommend you start with a mud that is fully open to the public.

Mud Theme:
Overall theme or style of the MUD, such as 'medievial', 'horror', 'futuristic' etc. Pick a theme that most appeals to you. We also recommend browsing the main MUD rankings on our homepage and trying out a few of them to get a feel for the differences in styles available. At this point we would recommend browsing the main rankings for a MUD that sounds like it most suits your style

What do all the search options mean?

Definitions of the database search fields are listed below:

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