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Olórin I was in my youth in the West that is forgotten...
'Yes,' he thought, 'That's a good beginning, and none the worse for having been used before.'

Although I ought to stop now, before the lawyers of Tolkien Enterprises slap me with a cease-and-desist for an unauthorised pastiche. Better start again.

I played my first MUD in 1987, and wrote my first MUD in 1989 - which ran on a multi-line BBS. The Internet was still a strange, wondrous fantasy. After that, I was involved in writing and playing half-a-dozen MUDs until Real Life intervened, and I started writing compilers for fun and profit. Surprisingly fun, and disappointingly not much profit. I've dribbled in and out of the MUDding world over the years, as my lifestyle, job and my other vaguely suspect proclivities have allowed me the opportunity. I started working on a new from-scratch MUD project a few years ago, but then unexpected illness left me without the energy or opportunity to carry on. And at that time, MUDs were dead.

I've since recovered, and0 been told by various people that MUDs are experiencing something of a renaissance and - gasp - young people are discovering the world of text-based adventures. Egads. Forsooth. I've joined (or in one case re-joined) some current MUDs and been surprised to learn that rumours of the under-40 are indeed true. Although since I'm the first new sign-up to this forum since 2018, perhaps not...

I'm finally again in a position where I don't have to write code for a living, and have started to enjoy writing code for fun, for the first time in a long time. I would be interested in helping out at the code end of a MUD or two, as my time allows. I don't think I'm up to creating anything from scratch just yet, but who knows.

I speak fluent C and C++, conversational Python, and know enough Lua to order two beers and ask for directions to the nearest bordello. I like deep code - I'm far more interested in writing a compiler to implement olc mobile functionality, than I am interested in creating something player-facing with said compiler. Discussions of game dynamics excite me unreasonably, whilst creating an overarching object model to underpin a multi-realm reality will need me to lie down in a darkened room. But don't ask me to write room descs or come up with storylines. I can do it, I just don't like it. And besides, my imagination is too tired and needs a rest. That said, I would love to be involved in something epic, engaging, and original, as a shadowy figure behind the scenes. A greasy eminence, as Nanny Ogg would call it.

I am in GMT/BST, and my job involves early starts and finishes, so I tend to be around in the early to middle evening UK-time. It would be nice to interact with someone who is awake and contactable in the same time-period, if not the same timezone.

Anyone out there?
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