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Re: Star Conquest, the 2018 Saga


Recently while browsing /r/mud on Reddit, I came upon a post by someone who enjoyed the game enough to make a song about it. Decent track too, but I had to ask about the current state of the game. A reddit user answered, "The Eric Best plot is over. I also think it was pretty bad, not just because it seemed low-effort, but because it was a missed opportunity. Letting a group of players be the villain could be interesting and even fun, but I think it would only really work if the villain's ideology is nuanced in some way with good and bad, as opposed to just Donald Trump being racist and incompetent among the stars. I think you're right that they probably thought it was necessary to shock us with how much they disapprove of Trump. It also decimated the AEU player base."

We're a year on now. I figured I would see for myself if Star Conquest had returned to its previous form. If so then awesome. Weird thing happened when I tried to connect, though. It said I was IP banned. "If you think this was a mistake, contact the administration at" blablabla. So I did. This is the exchange that took place.

Me: Hi squiddies and softies. Took a bit of a break from Star Conquest. thought I'd pop back in and see what was going on. But I'm banned. Anything I can do to remedy this?
Hosts: Not at this time, but thank you for your interest.
Me: There's nothing I can do to be not banned? That doesn't seem right. I'm unaware of doing anything wrong. Didn't break any rules or fight with hosts or anything. just stopped playing for a while and now can't get back on. What's up?
Hosts: Your parting words last time were that we were 'SJW trash.' In light of that, we feel you may enjoy Miriani more. You can find it at

Hahah, I did say that. They're not wrong. Apparently I was though, as is evidenced beyond a shadow of a doubt by this perfectly reasonable and proportionate reaction to what I said off public channels in an empty room a year ago.

Take Care, Squidsoft
Todd Fielding, AEU Patriots' Party

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