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Re: Star Conquest, the 2018 Saga

A good review broski. It's been a wild year for me. So, unfortunately, I can only really remember the bad. I am pretty confident the only thing you go wrong was the order we left. I think most stopped when our person who didn't get out of cadet status was reduced to tears in frustration. The rest of us ended up leaving after a very long session of trying to probe the games help files after the guy who launched the probe got arrested and we couldn't figure out where it was listed.

Still though, Star Conquest could be a great game. It's unfortunate that a lot of the progress of their story that happened when we were there was made from poor documentation and newbie error with nobody really around to give us much of a hand since after a year of constant bashing from the faction it was pretty much dead except those people that were outta the main grid and that lady who would just rail on us about how evil best was for hours on end.

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