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Looking without Luck

Hey there everyone,
I'll quickly introduce myself. I go by Mack, and I've been playing several muds for a long time. If anyone is interested, then I can tell them which muds I play. I signed up for TMS recently, in hopes of finding a new mud or two to play.

The main reason I'm making this thread, is to help me track down a mud similar to one of my old favorites which is now offline. It was called "Akanbar". It went down some time ago maybe 3 or 4 years. Before it went down, there were some problems with the code and the time system in the mud became very broken. I'm assuming the game was taken down because of that. The administration wont respond to my emails, and the forum page on the akanbar website is up but no one is responsive.

I'm trying to find a new mud to play that's somewhat like Akanbar. So I'll list a few things that I liked about Akanbar, and maybe you nice folks know of a mud you could recommend.

Roleplay Enforced
World Wide PK
Player Ran Cities
RACELESS character creation
Balance styled combat system(takes balance to attack)
Player Crafting
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