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Re: Looking without Luck

I've played several muds over years so I wanted to help accordingly to your requirements;

Gemstone 4:

Roleplay Enforced? *Yes

World Wide PK? *No

Player Ran Cities? Kinda yes. Mayors are elected in major cities. Need to rp your way. You can keep in touch with Game Masters for plots/storylines if you become a mayor.

RACELESS character creation? *No. There are races with advantages and disadvantages

Balance styled combat system(takes balance to attack)? * Yes, absolutely

Player Crafting? * Yes. There are crafting skills like alchemy, illusions, forging, cobbling, sheath making etc.

Game is free to play but you probably might need to go pay to play after level 20 or so. First 20 levels you can play as a f2p. You can continue with f2p but experience is gained much slower if you're a f2p. Playerbase is equal in terms of competition, most of them are p2p(monthly subscription). Playerbase is huge btw. During pandemic it went over 1k online players a few times.


In fact, I think you'll hardly find any mud that allows world wide PK. I can suggest Duris mud for that. It has no safe room and it is a full loot PK oriented game but it unfortunately has not a big playerbase and doesn't enforce rp.
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