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TinTin++ 2.01.92

It's been a while since I made a public announcement so I'll summarize the most significant changes of the past year as I've been fairly busy.

Besides Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows, TinTin++ runs on Android and iOS.

There's also a Discord channel now where several tt++ gurus will answer any questions you may have.

For a more detailed and more cryptic change log visit:
2.01.92 November 2019
 Introduced vertical split support which allows creating info panels to the left and 
  right of the scrolling region.

 Added attach/detach support similar to that of screen and tmux with the #daemon 
  command, launch tt++ with the -R argument to reattach to the first available 
  detached instance. Also comes with an increased focus on making TinTin++ viable
  as a terminal multiplexer.

 Added .. ellipsis support to define ranges in tables. Combined with other 
  improvements this puts the TinTin++ scripting language on par with most modern
  scripting languages.

2.01.91 September 2019
 TinTin++ now runs on iOS/iPad/iPhone. Compilation instructions have been added
  to the website. 

 Added the versatile #draw command which aids in creating buttons, text windows, 
  and other tactical/graphical user interface elements.

 Added a Unicode map drawing mode allowing a more compact and neater looking 
  VT100 map display.  See the attached screenshot below which also utilizes #draw.

2.01.90 July 2019
 Added MCCP3 support which is useful when sending large buffers from the client to
  the server, for example builders editing script files.

2.01.80 March 2019
 Added #! hashbang support, making it easier to use TinTin++ as a shell scripting
  language.  The TinTin++ scripting language has evolved steadily over the years and 
  at the core is a versatile just-in-time compiler.

 Added the #screen command which contains a large number of screen manipulation
  utilities. The development goal is clickable link support which will require pretty
  extensive VT100 emulation to accomplish.

 Added full UTF-8 integration, including #config CHARSET FANSI which maps code
  page 437 to UTF-8, and #config CHARSET KOI2UTF which maps the Russian KOI-8 
  character set to UTF-8. 

2.01.60 January 2019
 Added mouse support. While still a work in progress the goal is to add full mouse 
  integration as this is of particular use to Android and iPhone users.
TinTin++ Mud Client
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