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Luminari Mud - June update + The Adventurers Guild comes to Ashenport

A heavy set, grizzled man garbed in heavy chainmail strides into the Jade Jug Tavern, slamming his fist down on the table.

“Right you lazy bunch of good for nothings, who’s up for a job!”

The Adventurers Guild have opened a branch in the Jade Jug Tavern in Ashenport. Players can now take on Missions (Help Mission in game) which will reward gold, exp and reputation with the Adventurers Guild. A range of missions are available, so this will both help new players get started, and give experienced players excellent rewards for challenging missions at end game.

The Adventurers Guild also offers a range of Mercenaries that will join you on your own adventures, for a price! Which will help players with content that might otherwise require additional group members.

More News:

May continues the fantastic work done in April – and we celebrate the appointment of Havamal to the role of Head Builder. Hav has started in typical fashion, fixing a multitude of Typos, Color mis-use and other room description related issues.

Major Change:

Missions and Mercenaries are available via the Adventurers Guild representatives in Ashenport. This new system from Gicker really fleshes out the gameplay experience, ensuring there is always something to be done, no matter the character level. This also lays the groundwork for faction reputation, and a whole host of other features coming soon.

Other Changes:

Arcane Bloodline for Sorcerer has seen a tweak along with an updated helpfile.

A mob has been added in the Northern side of the Mosswood village who will identify all worn equipment for a cost

Skill checks and skillrolls added to dg Scripts, allowing builders to include content that checks specific skills

A variety of bug fixes for Alchemists

A huge amount of typos and color problems fixed by Havamal

Changes to MSDP to help with the new Mudlet GUI

Full Change Log included on original article.
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