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OpenRPI - Engine Release 2.0

As you all no doubt know, I've been working to get OpenRPI up to snuff. At the moment, it's just me hacking away, but I've managed to get a rather significant update out recently that included the removal of 3,500 lines of dead code and the associated bug-fixes related to it.

If anyone is interested, you can find the code here:

Additionally, I've initiated the very beginnings of doxygen documentation for the source code. Currently it's in a more-or-less default state, but that can be viewed at: My Project: File List
(As a note the Doxygen is usually 1 or 2 commits behind the main repo)

Finally, if anyone is interested in using the server for a game, and doesn't want to futz with setting up the entire server and all that, I'm happy to offer DigitalOcean snapshots of the live server. These permit you to spin up a functioning copy of OpenRPI in about 5 minutes and get started at actually creating a game. This means no posts about "can't compile" or "how do I modify it for my system" sort of stuff. What it does mean, I guess, is that OpenRPI is available today for use in creating new games in a functioning state.

Features/Quirks of the engine:
- Diku Gamma variant
- classless/levelless system
- Continuing open source releases
- Permadeath by default
- Advanced Crafting Engine
- Configurable Variable System
- Occasionally drops player inventory into the abyss (ongoing bug, needs a good fix)
- Excellent scripting engine with documentation (rooms, mobiles, objects, AND crafts)
- Basics of a SQL-based magic system. Coder could bring it online and up to snuff quite quickly.
- Mix of C & C++
- Outdated hash based password encryption (consider everything you do on the engine out in the wild)
- Test, Builder, and Player Ports
- Mobile and object templates pre-configured
- Needs an SMTP server added to the snapshot and probably some better firewalls
- And much much more!
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