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Project A Website
<a href="telnet://" target="_blank">Connect</a>

Project A is looking for more players, here's just some what it offers:

* Create and run your militairy base from 55 different structures in 4 technology trees, armories, SCUD launchers, turrets, or even doomsday devices!

* Upgrade your buildings using parts gathered by destroying other people's bases, or by buying special blueprints or building upgrades.

* Use an arsenal of guns, lasers, rocket launchers, flamethrowers, tanks, aircrafts, bombs, superweapons, siege weapons, sniper rifles, and even the deadly SARS virus to destroy other players and their bases.

* Auto-quests for special items reward you for exploration.

* Create new items with chemistry - Dig for minerals, process them, and combine them to create items such as smoke bombs.

* Roam the land in vehicles such as tanks, jeeps and trucks, or the air with raptors, chinooks and bombers!

* Play whatever strategy you want: Simple head-to-head, aerial battles, siege your enemy's base, ambush them with a sniper rifle, sneak past base defenses and plant as many charges of C4 as you can... The possibilities are only as limited as your skill.

* MCCP, MSP and MXP enhancements! Even if you use a non-MCCP-supporting client, you can find instructions on the website on how to get its benifits anyways (Without changing client :P)

New code is just waiting for more players to come - Alliances, for example, will be activated (Already coded) when enough players are in.

So if you like a game that keeps you on your toes, you've just found the right one.

Project A Website
<a href="telnet://" target="_blank">Connect</a>
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