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Old 10-30-2004, 04:17 PM   #1
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I'm looking for a mud that's realistic.. Like.. Modern. I don't really know how to describe it.. Just modern. And realish. :\

It doesn't really even have to be modern.. Just similar to real-life, I guess.
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Well, realistic and modern are two completely different animals. A MUD can have a modern setting that's completely fantastic while a historical MUD set in the Middle-Ages can be as realistic as possible.

Now, if by realistic you mean featuring as many aspects of the "real world" (death, injuries, economics, politics, etc.) as the corporeal existance you've come to know and love regardless of setting, there are a few out there. Not sure if any have a setting placed firmly in the 21st (or even 20th) Century though.

For a very realistic world, I recommend Harshlands, Shadows of Isildur, and Armageddon. While all three are fantasy settings, the experience is as close to "realism" as you'll find on a MUD. No levels, experience points, or other game-like stuff.

Take care,

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I would also suggest Armageddon for its realism, and because, well, it's my own chosen escape-from-RL.

But, for 'modern' there are alot of cyberpunk muds out there and things like that, if you don't mind a little futuristic...

Bourbon and Blood: New Orleans at Night is a modern-age mud, set to Vampire the Masquerade and all that stuff. Decent mud, but I don't care for the 'rolling' system they use. Perhaps it's because I'm not a table-topper....

I *think* that Molly's 4 Dimensions has a modern time period.

There are a few more. The 'advanced search' function is a wonder for finding entries in the database without scrolling through things you don't care about.
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Old 10-30-2004, 10:09 PM   #4
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We try to keep a high level of realism in Legends of Karinth, though we are not modern.
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Originally Posted by
I *think* that Molly's 4 Dimensions has a modern time period.
Heh, I don't know how 'realistic' Time Travel is as a concept, but at least it gives a somewhat logic explanation to some of the unrealistic things you encounter in some muds - above all how you can die and be resurrected all the time in the ones without perma-death.

I think I can safely say that we are at least 'different' from the mainstream. And most of our zones are pretty historically accurate too...
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Old 11-01-2004, 07:21 PM   #6
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omassus is on a distinguished road is a modern day game. Takes a bit to get used to it, but players and imms (called Guides) are very friendly. I highly enjoyed that game.
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Old 11-01-2004, 09:38 PM   #7
dragon master
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If you want realism as in no orcs, moderness, other stuff like that, ignore this. If you want realism as in things being realistic (within the fantasy setting) SoI (Shadows of Isildur) will be your best bet.


1) Realistic inventory system. Your inventory consists of what you are wearing, normally known as eq on other muds, and what is in your two hands, you want to have more? Wear a backpack and keep your stuff there. No endless army of items magically following you around..

2) Realistic combat system. No HP, it's wound based, you get wounds of different degree to different parts of your body, too many or one bleeds to much and you don't bind it, you die. Wear no armor and get attacked by an orc with a giant axe, don't expect to survive after one or two hits (unless it's like a hit to foot or something).

3) Realistic progression system. You want to learn a skill you don't have? Get somebody to teach it to you, none of this whack the brains out of mobs to magically gain new skills stuff. You get better at skills by using them, not by going on mob-killing rampages. You want to get better at brewing, brew stuff, you want to get better at using a sword, fight people with a sword or go practice by yourself. No "pracs" or "trains", no levels, no classes, all realism.

4) Realistic death system, you die and you don't pop back like nothing happened. You die and your gone. Time to make a new character. Your old may be forgotton, or go down in history as a legend or villian, it all depends on what you did.

5) Realistic professions, you can be any profession that fits the time period, not just a thief or a warrior or whatnot. You can be an artist, a bard, a guard, a bandit, a cook, or whatever you want. Since there is an extremely vast craft system, and it is an RP mud not a Hack'n'Slash, and has no classes, the possibilities are truly endless.

6) Very little magic. As in very very little. As in, if your character sees something magical going on it is about 99% likely that it was some street magician's or somebody elses magic trick and not real magic. Magic is RARE. Gandalf was the second best Wizard in existance and even he carried around a sword. Also, Gandalf is not in SoI, he isn't in the area at the time period where it takes place (500 years before LOTR). On the rare chance that somebody has even a minor magical power they will probly keep it hidden and most people will never know about it.

Even magic items are rare. As in very rare. As in, the General of an army would be very lucky to even have the chance of seeing one (unless he was the general of an elven army maybe, oh did I mention that since this game takes place in the gondor/mordor area, elves are very very rare)

7) Uhm, it's just the most realistic game you can play.
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