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Come experience combat, crafting, and adventure at ConQUEST!

ConQUEST is a newer MUD that has been in development since 2004/2005. It strays
away from many traditional mud designs to create a detailed, modern game with
engaging crafting and combat systems. Despite this, we manage to keep the
interface familiar and accessible to most veteran mudders! We offer a rich and
unique gaming experience. The game focuses on exploring, puzzle-solving,
crafting, and combat.

Travel around the world, hunting down monsters to obtain valuable resources. All
items beyond the starting zone are player-crafted. Players can specialize in up
to six areas: alchemy, blacksmithing, carpentry, gemcraft, leatherworking, and
metalsmithing. Make armor and jewelery for your adventuring needs, or sell your
goods at your store. Players can create the most powerful items in the game,
although this may take days or even weeks per item and will often require
collaboration from multiple master crafters in different areas of

During your travels, you may encounter one of our numerous dungeons. Delve deep
into them and experience one of the finest aspects of ConQUEST -- our
fast-paced combat system. Spend energy to perform deadly combo attacks.
Anticipate when your opponents will attack to dodge and parry their blows.
Choose from over 300 unique skills and spells in our class-less, level-less
advancement system. Retrain at any time for free if you wish to try different
fighting styles or schools of magic.

Much of ConQUEST's game content is designed for 2-3 players so bring along a
friend or search the currently existing groups and ask to join! If you prefer
to play alone or if your group just needs an extra leg up for a dungeon boss,
hire NPC mercenaries that will fight along side you.

ConQUEST has been closed for 6 months as two of its core systems went through a
redesign: player lairs and guilds. Players are able to create their own lairs
and store crafted magical items in them to age and grow more powerful. But be
careful! Other players and NPC heros are able to invade your lair and loot it,
so make sure to find and hire monsters in the world to guard your valuable
treasures. Any monster that you can beat into submission will be willing to work
in your lair! Also look out if your lair grows too powerful, or you may just
find dragons and liches claiming your treasure as their own. Gather a small
party of friends to vanquish your enemies and reclaim your lair.

If PvP is your desire, come prepared for guilds. Members work together to amass
prestige and trophies for their guild hall. This is done by accomplishing
heroic feats. Guilds can then hire monsters found throughout the world to act
as guards for their trophy hall. Members from other guilds can invade and steal
prestige from your guild -- that is, if they can bypass the defenses you have
set up! At the end of every week, rewards are given to the guild who has
accumulated the most treasure.

Competition is typically indirect, sneaking in to guild houses while members
are out, assassinating their guards, and stealing their treasure. If you prefer
bloodier, direct conflict, then declare war on an opposing guild. Player-killing
will become enabled. You will now gain prestige for killing opposing guild
members, and get extra loot when raiding guildhalls. However, be careful who
you declare war on! While you are at war with a guild, you will not be able to
wear any items crafted by their members. Note that our guild system will not be
re-enabled until a critical mass of players joins the game. So bring your
friends and prepare for ConQUEST!

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