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I noticed most MUDS are exactly the same be they fantasy or futuristic or etc. I haven't played every single one though, so I may be wrong. I noticed, though, that there are always guilds, and that the main goal is either to dominate the guild, dominate the world, get the highest level, etc.
Well, one of my ideas is a WWI setting, or something like that. You could start as a medic, infantryman, ace, etc, etc. I'd like to have it leveless, and you'd get skills and exp in another fashion. Anyway, it'd start out in the mud and in the trenches. Something with no safe zones, no newbie towns. I don't think a MUD has ever covered the theme of constant warfare. Anyway, it'd have to involve lots of rping to make it interesting, I'd imagine, and have to have many things to do while say, a player is waiting for the command to go over the top or something like that.

Anyway, second idea would be to have a normal stereotypical MUD, guilds and all, but there'd be an option to be a wolf or another animal. As a wolf you could be killed by other wolves, by humans, by starvation, the elements, etc. You'd be weak and vunerable alone. But wolves would have the option to form packs which would make them formidable. The wolf who starts the pack would be the Alpha, the leader, and could choose how the other members are promoted, etc. Basically small player run guilds. They could also howl to advertise their pack, leave scent markings to other wolves, claim territory, defend that territory, hunt animals... Wolves could terrorize certain villages, too, if it suited them though they'd run the risk of being hunted down by the superior, if not as numerous, humans. There would be NPC wolves too that may join a pack, a sort of mob character, I guess.
...Not sure if that idea has already been done or what, or if it's even interesting, but I'd love to see something like that.
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youve stumbled upon a very good point:  in any pk type mud, there should be no such thing as a safe room (excepting things like h.e.l.l., of course).  No matter where you are, how many walls you hide behind, any idle pkiller should rapidly become a dead pkiller.  Most muds dont manage to pull this off (including, it would seem, godwars 2, much to my disappointment).  it was pulled off by the original vampirewars, which was one heck of a good pk mud while it was up, and now amnon is pulling it off pretty well with assault (too bad assault is ruined beyond repair by a horrible color scheme)

as for the wolves idea, sounds too specific for a general mud ideas discussion... interesting idea though
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Yui Unifex
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Originally Posted by (erdos @ April 24 2004,21:04)
youve stumbled upon a very good point: in any pk type mud, there should be no such thing as a safe room (excepting things like h.e.l.l., of course).
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What I understood erdos to mean by safe is totaly safe, not safe because there are 50 uber guards to protect you, but for some reason you are totally imune to being killed - for some weird mystical reason acts of violence towards the character are impossible.

Sure there could in theory be an in game situation where it might be appropriate, but... it should be very very rare.

In the situation with the uber guards, you could be considered safe, I guess, but in theory someone could kill all the guards, then come get the PC in there. I hate playing in a PK and some lame wad can just find and hide in a little room behind a door of one kind or another and be totally immune to hurt. Even if the door is solid steel, and locked, ideally I should be able to hack, burn, melt, tear the door down and get to the juicy meat on the other side (most of my PK has been for food)
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