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Who was your first MU* RP character and where did they start? What adventures did he/she experience? What mistakes did you make? Where did it all go right? What did you learn from it?

How long did you play this character?
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My first character was Dalithus on Achaea. I made plenty of mistakes with him. Learning lessons without using myrrh, an herb that in those days increased the effectiveness of learning (I think they might have nerfed myrrh now), and also learning lessons outside of my guildskills. Repeatedly attacking a strong mob after a girl rejected me as a way to commit suicide, forcing Maran, my guildmaster, to ressurect me repeatedly. using a skill on one of the God/Admins. I played this character for maybe a year or two.
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Mine was a halfling thief named Gunnar, his concept and name are still around, but I've tried multiple times at him, never RPed being the same guy though, I find "remaking" to be bad form
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Mine was a young Cadet named Cire on IBGames Federation Space Fantasy MUD. He spent his time hunting the Snark and endlessly running freight for Phiddy, Duchess of Maine, until finally achieving enough status to commission the construction of the planet Utopia as a Squire.
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My first character (that I can remember) was named Ivellios on Adventures Unlimited.

He had just about every adventure a goody two shoes, challenge seeking, womanizing, wise, proud heishan elf paladin could have. From simply helping others to killing his own brother to traveling to the Abyss, I guess he did it all.

Where it went right: RP always went right. It probably would have taken much longer to wear thin if I wouldnt have gradually slacked my efforts as I played. When the RP was at its best it was better than anything, better than any of the thousands of games I have probably played in my life.

My mistakes: Getting to far into the game, taking some things to seriously. I used to justify it by thinking that I should take things seriously with a character I spent thousands of hours on. But I suppose you should never let a game become more than just that, a game,even if it has the potential to be. As I played my behaviors slid towards enjoying OOC actions more under a veil of RP, namely PK. I could justify killing anyone evil under Ivellios' RP, but I mostly only fought with those I knew where a challenge and I mostly did it for personal sport.

I learned many things from playing this game. Mostly just realizations about the world and how things work. I played it while my personal life was horrible, which is part of the reason why I became so involved. I learned how to play a good character though.

I think I played Ivellios (I had remade him a few times) for a total of around four thousand five hundred hours. That is rounding down from the numbers my gut tells me I played.
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Wolfbane on Realms of Despair. A thief. Got to level 2 due to help from the person who showed me the game. After that, I was on my own. Died, and didn't know the concept of CRing. So I was wandering around, naked, trying to somehow make level 3. Got some exp by adepting "hide", and thought, "If I can just adept backstab, I'll make level 3". Unfortunately I didn't have a dagger to backstab with. I scavenged whatever weapons I found laying around, but they were too high level for me. A cityguard sword said "You must be level 24 to use this item", so I generalized and assumed thieves had to reach level 24 to use *any* sort of sword. Found an ice ring laying around and tried to sell it at the armor shop, the shopkeeper said it was worth more than he could afford, I "value"d it and saw it was worth like 30,000, which I thought must be a TON of money, so I thought that ring must be something insanely good. (In actuality, 30k is pocket change) I never did make level 3 with that character, though my next character got into the low 20's...
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Jazuela will become famous soon enoughJazuela will become famous soon enough
My first was a sylvan empath named Jasminepetal Neroli, on GemStoneIII back in the mid-1990's. I rerolled her to a human - warrior I think. I played her for maybe 2 years, and rolled a new character named Jazuela, and another other one named Bestatte. My mistakes were many - but there was one that sticks out.

Due to my ignorance I stuck with a hack-n-slash when I really should have tried a RPI. Unfortunately I didn't know they existed at the time and had no access to the WWW. Once I finally did get web access I was brainwashed into believing that nothing free could possibly be as good as something you pay for, and took WAY too long to consider RPIs seriously.

The good thing was, I found an outlet for my creativity I could really sink my teeth into. What I learned, was that more RP-supportive games exist elsewhere, where OOC manipulations by players were extremely limited and where the actions of your character rather than his "level" or "exp points" or how many multis you had to "spell up" your main character, was what counted most.
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My first character on a MUD was on an LPMud called Valhalla in 1993, unfortunately it was taken offline around 95/96.
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At my university back in 93, I was working on an essay and stumbled into a computer-sci lab while looking for a lab that had word-processing. I made two happy discoveries there: the Internet, and the German MUD Nightfall. My poor hobbit Smee died several times of starvation, and my essay was turned in days late.

I learned MUDs are extremely addicting and that sometimes you've got to scrounge around for food and eat garbage to stay alive.
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My first roleplay character was on Midnight Sun in the (WAY) early 90's. It didn't take me long to realize I was not in a roleplay environment. Perhaps it was the Druids speaking in Dutch(?) on the channel line.

I then moved on and played for a little on Genesis, where I was confused that I could not figure out people's names without asking them. The confusion went away as I realized the importance of such a feature. This character, too, was short-lived after I ran into a smurf.

I bounced around for years, playing many different MUDs and leaving my mark on only a few. I ended up playing quite a bit at Threshold-RPG where I had some of my longest lived roleplay characters, and some of my most interesting roleplay experiences.

My character their learned quite a bit of love and loss, he was quite inexcusably smitten with what had to have been the most doltish female character within the guild. She would always lead him just to the brink of certain demise.

There was a defining moment when he finally had the sense slapped into him. She asked to look at a magical scroll, one which held the incantation for fireball. He made sure to tell her multiple times not to read aloud the incantation before handing it to her. Of course, she read it aloud, killing the familiar he had a strong bond with and damaging him mentally and physically.

I learned quite a bit through role playing this character. The most important rule I learned is not to take to heart all that is game. For that is all it is, you can't put too much of yourself into a character, because then you are almost certain to always become disappointed when things don't go your way.

Over the years i've found it more and more difficult to devote much time to RPing
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My first RP'd character was named Bastien, nearly five years ago, on Armageddon. He walked directly out of the gates, weaponless, and was promptly thrashed by a scrab. By some miracle, he escaped and made his way back to the city of Allanak where he was found, bloody and bruised, by a famous Sergeant of the T'zai Byn named Sujaal.

He begged entrance and was admitted to the mercenery's organization as a Runner, and began to fumble through training. Newbie that I was, he was soon convinced by another wayward Runner to go on a killing spree in the Labyrinth. We were soon run out of there by the Quarter's gangs and made our way back to the Byn compound.

At the gates we found Sujaal waiting. We had taken off our uniforms in order to not be spotted entering the Rinth, so he nailed us for that. When it came out why we'd taken them off, he offered us the option of expulsion or a whipping. Bastien chose to leave, cursing Sujaal and the Byn. When Sujaal threatened him, my character spit on him and ran away, shouting about vengeance.

Riding away from the city with a slightly better grasp on the game than his first outing, my character headed north, for the city of Tuluk. Hell-bent on outrunning the Byn squads he was sure were in hot-pursuit after the verbal lambasting of their Sergeant, he left the gates and rode directly north, unaware of the horror that I.

Bastien's life ended at the bottom of the shield wall, the victim of a long drop and a short stop.

And suddenly, I was addicted.
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