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Don't play ArmageddonMUD

Hello, friends. This is a post I've made on Optional Realities, another MUD community. Since TMS is similar to OR in discussion capability, and with the fact that Armageddon has bounced around on TMS's rating scales over the past months, I've felt it apt to repost this here. The original post is here:

I went by Asanadas on ArmageddonMUD. My previous "qualifications" are that I volunteered as an administrator then head administrator on a roleplay Space Station 13 community called Baystation12. I enter and leave this statement with the knowledge of how to oversee a community and how to deal with dissatisfied players one on one.

I'm here to tell you that yes, Armageddon can be a fun game. It can be capturing in its environment and possibility. I'm sure that the near~1,000 real hours I invested in one of my characters Sergeant Dannet over the course of months was an overall enjoyable experience, and it's helped me as a writer and a creator to have gleamed that snippet of an experience.

It can be a fun game, yes. It has the potential to be so. However, there is one overbearing aspect that can and will ruin any enjoyment for the unlucky player. That aspect is the staff team.

This is not to say that all staffers are bad people; but the ones that sit on top, Nessalin and Nyr, are toxic. Cavaticus and Talia are also just as incompetent, if not as decidedly hostile. Their reputation will precede them in many venues, and I'll seek to add this venue to the list.

My experiences with these excuses for administrators is well documented here, . Be aware that while I usually am a kind person, the amount of frustration I faced regarding the rewards sent my way for demanding better from the staff team with the intention of improving my fellow players' experience was incalculable. As such, I used harsh language in that thread, and harsh language is used by others.

Looking at the Policies of TMS here, due to the fact that all of the characters mentioned in the thread are dead or forced into storage & there is no discussion of active plots, I think I am within the rules posting this here.

If you, as a reader, have any intention of beginning to play Armageddon, I'd like to assert I was in your shoes once. For a glimpse of a potential experience, read my interactions with the senior staff of this MUD and see how worthless my opinion or input was treated... all ~1,000 hours of it. It is a long read -- 24 pages at the current time -- but it is my experience with this game as it unfolded... an online diary if you will. Not all 24 pages is my writing; there are more than a dozen other players expressing sympathy and further stating that my experience was "normal", was "what to expect" when dealing with this staff team. My intention is to spread this around and allow potential players the knowledge that the people they will be dealing with upon entering this MUD do not care about them, nor do they pretend to follow their own rules.

My advice at the beginning was not to play in the Arm of the Dragon, a clan in the game in which the staff member overseeing it made a grave error he failed to correct. Now, months later, after suffering from petty insults, unjustified punishments, and censorship, my advice to you is not to play Armageddon. If you want to disregard this advice, at least read my "diary" so you know what to expect. Let the staff team deserve what they have, and the playerbase deserve what they get: you deserve better. Whatever enjoyment one may have gotten from this game was severed relatively recently due to the changing policies of this excuse of a staff team -- right now, it is a pale shadow of what it once was, what it could be. I am severely disappointed that this is the case, because I loved this game. I hate what it is now.

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Re: Don't play ArmageddonMUD

No one has been more critical of Arm than myself over the years but I would never advise others to not experience something that I enjoyed for a very long time myself. It would be like my lifting weights for years at this one gym and then I get injured at the gym and blame all the trainers at the gym and I go on a rant and get banned from the gym. Then I go around town telling everyone to not work out there and that the gym is ran by tyrannical assholes. Of course there is an extreme example but this is exactly what happens a lot of the time some player quits Arm and claims it is such a terrible game.

I've pushed a lot of people to go try Arm for the simple fact that it can be fun for them. Regardless of whether I would have fun, I still recognize that others could benefit, grow, even if they are harmed by the experience, they will grow and learn from it.

Most of the staff that I clashed with are gone from Arm and have been replaced with what the above poster claims are just as corrupt but I beg to differ. I played during a different time, I was literally slayed IC by Halaster a couple times for using scripts/triggers on my characters and leaving my computer on. Pretty funny in hindsight and at the time I was upset with him and developed a toxic relationship with multiple staffers back then, but these days I look back and laugh and don't blame them for it at all.

Go and see for yourself how terrible the staff is, don't just take someones word for it.
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Re: Don't play ArmageddonMUD

> Go and see for yourself how terrible the staff is, don't just take someones word for it.

This won't work.

People usually don't start to play because of staff - they play and assess whether the
game is fun, which primarily happens through players.

I also assume that the majority of people don't really care about some random MUD and the problems of staff either.

I know I don't. Then again I also don't play the mentioned name, for no particular real reason pro or against it (it does not quite seem to fit into the usual MUDs I would have played).
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Re: Don't play ArmageddonMUD

That doesn't sound one bit like Delerak's thought process.

I'm sure they meant, go play, give it a try for its own sake and see if you like it, regardless of what Shevgen thinks. And if you then find that staff make it unbearable, you can find out for yourself instead of letting one person's flaming determine your own choices.
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Old 10-10-2015, 10:28 PM   #5
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Re: Don't play ArmageddonMUD

Well I hate Arm staff as much as the next guy (I mean I took 5 minutes out of my life to make a proboard for people to complain on it lol) but there are a couple glaring omissions in the OP that should be addressed.

1) The OP admitted on my board that he made two accounts, both on my board and on Arm. I guess on Arm he was using both accounts to submit the same kind of complaints. On my board he was pretending to be two different people struggling with staff for different reasons. See here for the admission:

"lol Nyr called me Dmango in a request. Guess my proxy didn't work.

For the record I'm Asan, the guy who posted this thread. Sorry for being dishonest with the multiple accounts but I felt it was the only way to express frustration against these terrible administrators and still potentially derive enjoyment from this game. . . I don't get any enjoyment anymore. If anyone's going to call me out, that's your right. I don't think this open secret diminishes any of the failures that Nyr and his sycophants floundered through under my delicate stimulation."

2) If you read the whole saga that he wrote on my board there was a point staff were willing to talk to him. One even wanted to talk with him one-on-one on teamspeak more personally instead of using the impersonal request tool. But the OP kept rejecting them and pushing them more. He basically baited the staff into doing what they did to him.

The constant negativity over a text game from 20 years ago is staggering. Let people have their fun if they have fun. If you don't have fun, move on. The new age of teh internet lets you play whatever you want. RPIs are a niche within a niche. There is so much more to experience and so much more to get angry about!!!
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Re: Don't play ArmageddonMUD

Yep. Like raging about league of legends. God that game has the worst community ever but I keep going back to play.
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Re: Don't play ArmageddonMUD

In 15+ years of play I have had more than a few arguments with the Staff. Some have been kind, some have been dickish, all have been fair to me. I was involved in this little squabble, on the fringes at least, and don't really see where this is appropriate other than for Dannet's player to feel like he hut back a little, even if no one cares.

Urging new players to avoid the game is pretty ****ty.
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Old 05-30-2016, 02:54 AM   #8
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Re: Don't play ArmageddonMUD

I've played Arm off and on over 13ish years. I've definitely had some crappy experiences with both gods and players, and I don't mean just your usual crap, I mean downright dickish behaviour. but I've twinked a time or two on a character or two so I expect when I get sloppy, it will catch up to me eventually. I don't think the dickish behaviour was necessary, but I ran a mud myself many years ago and after years of babysitting idiots that can't/won't/don't read, or multi-play, or logon just to make trouble, I just closed up shop. I know many of folks have done that as well, you really take the **** when you are an admin/god/owner of a mud.

Having said that, I still play when I can, and I've had some truly magical moments on Arm. I've met people I will probably never know IRL, because the community works simply because so much of it is IConly standards, you don't have big groups of lame online-gamers that show up one day and start setting everything up so that they can control the game via metagaming and ooc information. Which, in case you hadn't realized, has become a real problem on muds these days. It's never going to be like it was twenty years ago when the average player was twelve yrs old up to about uni age. There's a lot of information to read about gamer mentality and gamer rage on the internet these days.

If you ask me, I'm going to say play it, and if you are true to yourself and the gaming standards they've set, you'll have a great time. Sure you might be betrayed, lied to/about, stabbed, killed, pushed off the shield wall, robbed, have your mount stolen, get raided, be attacked by wind witches that will send you somewhere that nobody will be able to save you from, might discover steinal, get arrested, come down with a spice addiction, get the nasties from a local whore, run out of water alone, in the salt flats, just ten rooms from the gate, get hunted by gickers, get collared, have a finger removed, be afraid to go into your apartment, have your apartment robbed, end up in the arena, take an arrow to the knee, etc... but what the heck, even that isn't always so bad, if you've been given a good scene/death.

I'm sorry someone had a bad time there, and some good ones, but felt they were overshadowed by the bad. I've played a lot of muds in my life, literally in the hundreds, and many of them were just small european (usually danish) muds with maybe ten players on them while the owners/builders struggled to get the game up and running. I've played most of the bigger muds from fifteen to twenty years ago, and recently have been playing an I.R.E. mud. I'm not going to lie about it, it's a decent mud, but the players....shesh, it makes Arm look like pre-school. You've never seen such a group of metagaming, ooc and rumour mongering, players. And mostly, these games are games you can get by on, but if you don't sink real money into it, you won't ever make the higher scores. So there you go, Arm has it's own problem, but so does every other MUD out there, at least according to the complaints online.

It's better to suggest a game you do like to play, than advise against people playing a game you don't like to play. You'll get a much better audience and feedback.
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dark acacia
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Re: Don't play ArmageddonMUD

I've said it many times before: if you aren't having fun in a game, leave.

Way too many people keep playing and supporting MUDs that they aren't having fun in only because their game is familiar. I've played IRE games, Threshhold, Ateraan, Armageddon, DSL, and many other games with decent-sized communities and found plenty of people who clearly aren't enjoying themselves but are adamantly opposed to trying anything else. When you get to the point where you have to convince yourself that you're having fun, you're probably miserable, and when many people like you are playing together, it causes problems for the entire community.
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