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Thumbs up Medivia, Do you dare enter ?

It's been 7 month now that I play Medivia and have to say it's a lot differend then the mud i played for 15 yeas before this but i love it and enjoy playng it.

while Medivia still is in *BETA* after 24 years it's soon to change, the reason this game has been in beta this long is simple and i quote:

From Vryce, father of Medievia:

"This game will shock the world. How can an interactive text game shock the world? We opened in 1991 and never stopped adding things. Today, 24 years later, we are close to opening the most in-depth multi-player game world ever contemplated, soon with hundreds of player-designed planets each with thousands of players who can move from planet to planet. This is a Google-sized jump in game features and potential never before seen.
"You can build your own house, have your own pet to train, try to become a hero, even have kids and make your own bloodline. You may become a pirate, be a trader, or even be elected Governor. The citizens in the game speak of your deeds, and the dragons you fly know you and speak to you. You can hire workers and start your own business and expand your town's land. The workers run your business 24/7, even as you may be offline. The goods you produce become part of the economy as players trade in a real supply and demand environment. You will do many things as a player here in Medievia, you may even be the one to save the world during war and forever become part of Medievia lore.
"The power of a text game has never fully been explored. While other multiplayer worlds are designing for more frames per second, we are designing for more things to do and new ways for people to play together, new ways for them to become family. While other expensive games must purge their playerbase and force everyone to start over so they can cash in on the next big buck and the next version, the free Medievia game world has been getting more real and more feature-rich for over two decades, and here your character will live forever, even as we upgrade daily.
" Do you want to make some new friends ight now? I promise you an experience that will last a lifetime."

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Re: Medivia, Do you dare enter ?

That's not how you spell Mercthievia.
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Re: Medivia, Do you dare enter ?

Wooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Fizban burns them down! Woooooooooooooooo!
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