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Slavery in Darmahk - Players Thoughts

The world of Ateraan is a harsh one in the City of Darmahk including starting out as a slave. Evenso, the roleplayers can be astounding. Below is a subscript from the city as well as two letters written to the staff by two players who roleplayed both sides of the story. Enjoy!

Serfdom and Servitude. New arrivals in Darmahk have no rights whatsoever. This means they also do not have the right to vaults, jobs, or the right to leave the town without specific permission. The life of a Serf is that of servitude to the Palace, Militia, or as a Slave. Strangely enough, it is believed that even the Gods do not give the Serfs of Darmahk any thought, for traditionally a Serf that has perished has never returned from the land of the dead.

Do not form alliance and begin in Sudenland if you feel in anyway that you cannot handle the harsh life there. There is no fairness or freedom in Sudenland, except for that which you make for yourself. You may be enslaved or killed or pressed into service just because of the way you look. It is strongly recommended that you start in the Kingdom if you have not played Ateraan before. Complaints about fairness coming from players who start in Sudenland will fall on deaf ears.

Original letter sent by Gilvibee to Staff on Dec 1, 2020
I'm writing to share about my experience as a slave with Lorsh as my master who
worked with me! He was quick to get me set up with clothes, packs, and shared
food with Gilvi, while also establishing rules for her to follow to establish
the boundary that should be there as she is lower caste. He kept in touch
frequently in the time over tells, so I rarely ever went without guidance of
some sort, and he made trips to Customs to communicate with me on OOC terms.
This was to make sure I was okay with how the experience was going so far, and
to make sure I didn't come in with any OOC questions that needed answering.
Plus, he tried to reach out to me and let me know when his schedule might leave
him more unavailable than usual.

In character, when he sat with me he provided engaging dialogue, and set me up
to roleplay with other citizens in Darmahk to educate her in character on
Darmahk's guilds. On a personal note, I feel like he balanced preparing Gilvibee
and falling into the role of a slave's Master, along with the reservations that
Lorsh has in character as a Norden citizen, very well and though short it made
for a unique experience! I think that's all I have to mention He was patient,
active, and he didn't just send me out to make a bunch of coin to make a profit
off the purchase. He made it feel like I did have a service to fill that was in
line with what a teacher slave would be studying and practicing in.

- pof Gilvibee

Original letter sent by Lorsh to Staff on Dec 2, 2020

For her part, Gilvbee was and is such a treasure to roleplay with. I
particularly appreciate the amount of thought and effort she put into
her character background, the thoughtfulness of her actions as a
character, and the simply high quality of her roleplay. I appreciated
also her open communication with me throughout the entire process. I
haven't had a (freed) slave since the last era, but I had pleanty of them
then, and Gilvibee is easily one of my favorites to date. She also
swung with the punches when it came to the balance she mentioned with
being a Norden slave owner--the ripples from that are ongoing outside
of just the two of us.

In short I'm very glad we both had this opportunity and I cant wait to
see what she does in the future. It'll be a bright one.

- pof Lorsh
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