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We invite you to experience Adventures Unlimited, a roleplay encouraged/roleplay enforced (for PK) ROM-based MUD where you can:

* Partake in a realm that has been evolving and growing over the course of the last 5 years. Our immortal staff have all come from within the playerbase and offer our players excellent support and guidance. Our coders have also been working hard to produce a range of new features to make Adventures Unlimited a fun and exciting place to play.

* Find religion in one of 17 temples with a wide range of themes (several nature religions plus temples based on dreams, temptation, valor, etc). Earn rewards by showing your devotion to your temple in roleplay and optionally join a temple clan to engage in roleplay-enforced PK where all characters are asked to submit a list of character motivations in order to join PK and justify their actions afterwards by submitting a brief note to the immortal staff.

* Engage in a constant battle for dominance over an entire area for your clan by finding hidden Orbs of Control and redeeming them for clan flags which are then planted inside the area to mark your dominance. Existing clan flags, if found, can be defiled which opens the area to be claimed once again.

* Run for office in monthly mayoral elections (your term in office covers 1 year of MUD time). A successful candidate will reside in the luxurious mayor's mansion and will be able to call upon the sheriff (a player nominated by you) to enforce the laws of Naerlan. Mayors can also add public works (buildings, fountains & furniture) from collected taxes - ever fancy having a statue dedicated to your character sitting in the main square?

* Gain rewards simply by exploring the MUD. Players gain one quest point per new room they visit, quest points can be redeemed for a range of special items, gold or other benefits. With over 9,900 rooms to explore in total (over 80% of our areas are original and there are new areas always being introduced) there are heaps of points to be earned just by walking!

* Climb the social ladder with player entitlements. Become a citizen of Naerlan and you are entitled to run for the office of Mayor as well as vote in the elections. If being merely a citizen is not what you're after, you can work your way up to the lofty social rank of Duke/Duchess. Royalty is not without benefits as you are entitled to your own manor, complete with guards!

telnet: 5000

Ytrewtsu and the AU Staff
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