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Adapting Grendel's Cave for a MUD Audience

Hello Everyone!

I am Beowulf, the developer of a long-standing on-line adventure game, Grendelís Cave, Grendel's Cave Home. The game is based on the myth and Old-English text, Beowulf. I have run Grendelís Cave on the Internet since 1998. It is a graphical persistent on-line RPG. Wikipedia has an article about Grendelís Cave and if you are interested, you can read more about it there,

Recently I added two new user interfaces to Grendelís Cave to provide better access to VI players and to players who enjoy a text only interface. My intention is to expand the appeal of Grendelís Cave into other audiences, so that players who like the old style graphics can play along side VI gamers as well as MUD players, seamlessly. I want them to be able to play in the game with each other without even being aware of which interface the other players are using.

The first new interface is text only, with text links, select fields and an input text box to modify your actions. This is simply a modification of the original interface, replacing all clickable images with text links and removing all other extraneous images. You can enter ? into the input text box to get help. Most VI players seem to like this interface, though a couple prefers the command line interface.

The second new interface is text only, with no links or select fields, with a command line text entry field into which you enter your commands. You can enter commands in pseudo-plain English and most commands will work and navigate you through Grendelís Cave. You can enter ? to get help and a list of top level commands.

When playing the game you can quickly switch between interfaces by typing change UI to text/command/classic, hitting enter, and you will switch to whichever interface you have selected.

I would like to provide MUD players with a link into the game that automatically sets their UI to what most MUD players like and expect. Which of these interfaces works best for MUD players? Would MUD players like to play Grendelís Cave using any of these interfaces? Is Grendelís Cave something that you could consider, with any of the interfaces, a viable and playable MUD? I will much appreciate any help, guidance and advice you can provide.

Thanks for taking the time to read, and respond,

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