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Alter Aeon August 2020 Update

This year's Feast of the Sacrifice event has just concluded and was a rousing success. We hope that everybody was able to have lots of fun participating in the event quests!

Our next event will be the Labor Daybor mini-event in early September. Its theme will revolve around saving lost pets.

Numerous crafting tweaks were made to the game last month, including:
  • Some types of wood are now rarer than others. Also, added a new wood type: madrone
  • The metal used for crossbow hardware now has an effect on the speed of the finished crossbow.
  • Checks for adding and assembling crafted objects have been improved further to send more warnings for extreme limits and corner cases.
  • Added more randomness to fish weights to try and shake up the Catch of the Day a bit.
Other changes in July:
  • Added the Thirsty Thursday recurring event.
  • Added the Scribes' Guild and accompanying guild job.
  • Added listings for ocomp and otype to mortal oset command.
  • Rune 'Fell' adding to channel casting.
A lot of time in August will be devoted by our coders and builders toward developing level 39 abilities and high-level content in preparation for raising the level cap later this year. We are still working hard on areas such as Nightmare Plane solo and group 4 zones and another island that will be near Gianasi.

We're also working on cleaning up and adding objects, and creating new jobgivers along with items to sync with scribing scrolls on Archais. Expect more improvements to jobs to follow. We still have a few little surprises planned, as usual.

One more noteworthy announcement would be the forthcoming re-opening of an ancient area of legend and wonder: Dentin's Workshop! Formerly known as the Mob Factory, this set of four level 28 zones will be able to accessed via Redferne's Floating Palace once they are open.

For more information, please refer to our August update on Youtube here:
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