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I'm looking for players interested in playing a difficult role on Chiaroscuro: that of the secret outcast. And no, not even this is enough. I need you to *thrive* at it. If you're the people I'm looking for, you will see this as the immensely enjoyable challenge that it is.

Let me explain. Millennia ago, a war was fought. Little is understood of this war, but this much is known: it involved magic-users of immense power, and involved the swallowing of entire cities, the rending of the earth, and the plunging of the world into a dark age. In the present, you live in a society reminiscent of the Inquisition. All of society hates and fears magic, and especially those that are born with its curse. Activities are suspect, as is immorality or strangeness. Anything could be labeled to be of magic, to have the Shadow's Touch, and be subject to the might of the Church of True Light. Society needs to be kept pure, so they scourge away any traces found of the Shadow, and a wall has been built to keep outside Shadow away.

You were born with this trace of magic, the Shadow, in your blood. You may not know it. You may live your entire life never realizing it, passing this curse on to your children. But some do find out. Some find themselves at the bottom of a well, and have the strength to jump out. Some find themselves crying over their dying mother, and in a moment, she is well again. Still others find themselves being chased by a band of brigands, thinking of thoughts of home...and all of a sudden, they are there. You live with a unique challenge: living your life with the guilt of knowing that you are the enemy. You've been brought up since you can remember knowing that the Shadow is evil, that it corrupts the soul, that it destroys everyone that holds it dear, leaving behind only sloth, lies, and dishonor.

How do you handle this immense burden? Some choose total suppression. They ignore that this ever happened, and live the rest of their lives with this awful secret buried deep within. Others grow ever more devoted to the Church, as if it were their fault for falling victim to the Shadow, and it's their duty to pull themselves out through devotion. Some give themselves away to the condemnation, deciding that if their soul is already condemned, they might as well continue, becoming thieves and brigands. A select few try to break away from their life of conditioning, and dare to dream that maybe, just maybe, this power...this Shadow's Touch...might be a gift.

A small group has been formed, called the Luminary. They believe that this Touch may indeed be something special, and something to be protected, and they often attempt to recruit Shadow Touched to join their rag-tag band.

This is where you come in. Being a magi in this society means not playing a magi. You must live your life as a craftsman, a noble, a pawn or an outcast, keeping this secret away from those that would kill or maim you if they knew. And you need to thrive. Because the Luminary is so small but so powerful, we only recruit the best of the best rp'ers from the playerbase. It's so important to be a self-starter.

Do you think you have what it takes? Can you meet this challenge? We'll just have to see.

For more information, please contact Wik on Chiaroscuro, ( and, or email me at wik_burning AT Mention Chiacode WIK500 in chargen, and receive a 500 xp bonus once your character is approved.
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