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Darkness Falling is a Circlemud looking for a few builders to help round out our staff. We started with several, but as the mud nears opening they have been pulled of building to take care of other things, such as working on a website, developing the help files or races or spells we hope to use, or building quests to go into already created zones.

What is DF? It is a fantasy-based mud set on the world of Ashoth. It uses the basic races, as well as a few more exotic ones and some which are unique to DF. There is also a wide range of sub-classes beyond the warrior/thief/mage/cleric. While many of the sub-classes are familiar terms, we are working to make them unique as well in skills and spells. A main goal of DF is to make sure that there are as few clones, or PCs with the exact same spells and skills, as possible. We will be using a combination of guild and freeform learning for characters, also to further this goal.

It should also be noted that we plan to be fairly RP-oriented. There is no requirement, and players who want to can go out and beat up mobs until the cows come home. However, most of the quests and best equipment will require a combination of RP and hack-n-slash. You do not have to roleplay, but we ask builders to keep that aspect in mind while building.

What we expect: We expect people to have good grammar and spelling. We can teach you OLC (we use Oasis), but we can only remind you of the difference between right and write so many times before we throw up our hands in disgust ;-)

We expect builders to not abuse their place. Builders will also be IC members of the pantheon unless they specifically request not to be. Once the Mud opens (slated for April) we want to be sure we can trust our imms not to make uber equipment unless its for a detailed quest, and not to illegally help or hinder players.

What you can expect: Help. We will help you out in your work in any way we can. This can be in a large-scale form by teaching OLC or proofing zones as you go to smaller things, like giving ideas when you are stuck or participating in room swaps.

You can expect your voice to be heard. We cannot promise every uber idea you have will be implemented no one on staff is batting 1.000 but if an idea is good, it will be discussed and incorporated. The imps have final say, but are very good about taking input from the rest of the staff.

If interested, please drop by or email at

Website: (this is old but the new one is experiencing technical problems. Race and class information is correct however)

Address: port5000
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