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Vast Horizon

My name is Monique, also known as Esther Collins, an admin for Vast Horizon by BunkiCenter. this post is to inform you about the game Vast Horizon, that launched in October 2020.

Vast Horizon is a futuristic SCI-FI game that deviates from our space reality early in the twentieth century. In 1972, after many years of traveling, a generation spaceship reached the planet Kapteynia Beta, some 12 lightyears from Earth. This is where they met the Farolds, a powerful, nomadic and illusive race. Humanity and the Farolds agreed to trade, and their friendship began. In 1992, Humanity was introduced to the Kiohns, another alien race whom the Farolds traded with. the Kiohns did not like the power and wealth Humanity was acquiring and began a devastating war, which ultimately caused Earth to become uninhabitable. Although nearly 7.7 billion Humans were killed, the Farolds helped a small pocket of Humanity to survive in underground caverns on Kapteynia Beta. After hiding underground for nearly 200 years, the time has come for Humanity to slowly come above ground. You have a chance to make a living for yourself, reclaiming power, wealth and a home to call your own as a civilian pilot.
(Note: for players who have demonstrated their ability and willingness to roleplay, many other roles and jobs can be available, speak with the staff for this.)
We are an RPI game in which you are required to remain IC in every setting minus the minimal OOC communications we allow you to use. We strive to create a friendly gaming atmosphere in which players find respect, good times and equal opportunities. It is through you, the players, that our story will continue to branch out in intriguing directions! We also offer a rich environment for roleplaying with many areas already built and more to come! Part of this system includes a unique shopping system and the use of credit and debit cards. We strive to add realism to our game while keeping things playable and enjoyable.
We hope that you enjoy our game mechanics and activities. Our pebble sifting activity is all original and integral to the story! Atmospheric Testing and mail delivery are great activities to earn some dollars and learn your way around the game world. Of course, we wouldn't be a space game without key staples such as artifact hunting, mining, asteroid tugging and salvaging, but we try to add little twists to these activities! Be on the look out for invasions in the air as they are the only method of getting your space combat fix. Part of our ground combat system has a fantasy feel to it. With help from the player base, we will strive to make fun and exciting new activities and good roleplay opportunities.
Our future plans include the gradual release of new activities. Crafting is in the works, which will make the importance of salvaging clear. Exploration and terraforming are also being planned. The great crystal ball sees magic far off in the future too!
For more information about BunkiCenter and the game, visit

To play, the information you need is with the port 7979

Hope to see you there!
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Re: Vast Horizon

Sounds fun Monique/Esther,

Always liked SCI FI adventures in space. Very nice historical background.
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