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Numb to the noob environ

This recently came up:

Above quotes from this recent thread:

This relates to something I've been curious about and wanted to simply poll the community here.

I've noticed even on my favorite mud, there are things most staff and veteran players seem numb to on their mud.

In my instance, on Haven, there is sailing. Ships of different sizes have different difficulties, as do various areas of the ocean (the Endless Sea is very difficult while coastal waters of the main continent are easy to sail). Likewise, weather plays into this. The mechanism of boarding other ships is difficult and drowning can be very harsh.

I have pondered this is most likely due to sailing being a later addition (not recent on Haven by any means), and it was designed to challenge even veteran players. Thus, staff and players testing the system were numb to how harsh these conditions might be on noobs. Learning sailing and combating other ships, boarding them, pirating them, sailing dangerous waters was stressful to learn and if that was the only aspect of the game I found interesting I probably simply would have quit to find another mud.

I encountered this on a recent 'RPI' I was asked to try. Coming from the Mush environment, I'm used to not taking the 'X has looked at you' adesc attribute so seriously. My character was reprimanded for looking at someone while not having permission. I was not aware equipment was removed at log off and must be re-equipped when one returns. As well, that, regardless of the chars description or poses, not having actual equipped clothing on (cloth armour/etc.) was taken to mean the character was 'naked.'

It was stressful to me because I RP under the Mush pretense that something hasn't transpired until it was posed into the scene. A learning curve for myself, but only makes me curious of others opinions on this numbness to the noob environment from veteran staff and players alike and how many people take it serious versus assuming the new player will adjust to the environment of the mud or leave to play elsewhere.
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Re: Numb to the noob environ

I put a huge amount of effort into getting people on the MUD I play to not discount these kind of things. As stuff like this is what leads to the highest turnover.
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