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Clokmud (CLOK on this site!) is a rather unique mud with interesting combat, compelling roleplay, and decent crafting. The crafting as far as I've seen it is entertaining, it includes (but might not be limited to?) armours, weapons, jewelry, and carpentry.

First off, the game setting and game lore is fantastic. You're in a medieval (with aspects of steam here and there, and firearms such as muskets and rare revolvers) setting, the land torn by terrible plagues that leave monsters all over. The magic in this game is fun, pretty well balanced with melee fighters, if not in a lot of cases less powerful if the caster is alone... there are many races to play as, all of them with histories and varying physical features.

There are frequent staff-driven events which I enjoy usually, mostly centered on combat (as most muds you can expect combat to be a large focus of course, hard to break away from that!), with some others here and there with different themes. They're often well thought out and draws out many players, as well as giving people something to talk about and so on.

The combat, as I've mentioned, is quite interesting. They allow you to see the numbers behind your rolls (you can toggle it off if you don't like it too!), which makes gauging your ability very easy. The skill list shows numbers as well, quite good for all the number accumulating lovers. However, with all these numbers, comes a huge grind. Becoming skilled in something takes a sizeable time investment.

There's a really vast array of guilds as well, all of them quite interesting and almost all of them well fleshed out, which allows for a bit of diversity and interesting role play scenarios to come up. There aren't really many noticeable (or played out?) conflicts between the guilds' different lifestyles, which isn't really a necessarily bad thing, but it can lead to some stagnation as far as *player* driven conflicts go. Also player driven attempts at anything other than getting along and being neutral tend to be punished or squelched by the overarching themes of the game.

The Staff-driven conflicts, which extend beyond big one-shot events that I've mentioned, can really make up for lack of drive from the player side. I can't stress it enough, they make an effort and it has a noticeable effect on the game world.

While this is massively *GOOD* it also means, sometimes they make bad calls with how they handle their players and what they do to their characters, some misjudgements on what people will find being subjected to as entertaining happen, and that's the con to the pro of having active staff that are interested in their game.

Overall, this is a solid pick if you're looking for entertainment in the world of MUDs.

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