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"Stonegate, the jewel of Eastern Kirganthis. It's proud ramparts stand tall amidst the ancient forests
of Gelath, the untamed mystery of the northern Wildlands, the endless western plains of Vrinlay, and
southern Steppes, the gateway to the coast. The pride of Man, it is guarded by all nobility, yet ruled
by none. It's arms are cast open for all to take comfort and shelter within. It is a bastion of safety
in a land wrought with danger and uncertainty. It is Stonegate, the Free-City."
-Taken from the journal of Dorrin Vorash, inhabitent of Stonegate.

Feudal Realms is a place unlike many others... or rather an innovator of its time, from which much
similarity has sprouted over the years. Dating nearly 8 years back, this game has consistantly molded
and evolved itself to fit the times and players that dedicate themselves to its ever-changing face.
It boasts a wide-variety of interesting, and original features. Of which the world is probably the most
important to name.

Kirganthis, the land in which the game is set, is entirely original. Every room, city, field and castle
is something original and befitting of the realm it is in. You will never see Valhalla, or wake up in
Midgaard at some auto-bot healer. The original world is free from any stock, and this adds to the
overall playability of the game by providing a consistant and actually well-thought world for you to
play and LIVE in, and eventually even build your own home in.

As the blurb above states, Stonegate is probably the most important city to the game. It was the first,
and obviously most developed place in the game, and from this most people end up starting here. Its
where people of any race are welcomed, and thusly can interact in. It has a rich history of its own, and
is constantly added to and changed by the players that seek to do so.

But besides this, there are many other cities in the game in which people play. From the farming hamlet
of Quessa in the west, which is recently recovering from near annhilation in the Goblin Wars past, to
the Royal city of Kisah, home of the elves that's built in the trees of a near unending forest. Then
there is Riverdale, the largest and most prosperous of port cities, through which most trade in the
realms would go through. And most recently, through the work of dedicated role-play and players, the
city of Desmon, the official holding of the Duchy of Tirome was brought into existance.

But a great and amazing world would be nothing without races to inhabit it. Feudal Realms supports a
wide array of races, each well supported and written into the world, for players to choose from.
Goblins, Orcs, Trolls, Ogres, Halflings, Faeries, Minotaurs, Humans, Elves, Half-Elves and even the
new and mysterious race of Saurials vie for a place in the world of Kirganthis. And this struggle is
not without bloodshed, for with the existance of the goblins comes a history of war and destruction,
which many in the modern-day do not let go without a scournful eye. And there is the struggle of the
Faeries, the small but not entirely unseen race that wishes a place of its own in the great system
of Human nobility. And the minotaurs, stranded far from their native homeland on a continent a sea
away, seek to make the best of their situation and rally with their kinsmen.

But despite the original world and creatively portrayed races, there are also a wide-variety of classes
to choose from. And it is this choice which will often shape how your character develops and lives.
Mages, Clerics, Alchemists, Necromancers, Knights, Warriors, Rangers, Thieves and even the occassional
bard are seen parading about the realms, each aligned with their own set of unique abilities and
strengths, but also coupled with individual weaknesses. Through a customizable creation process, each
race is allowed the slightest of flares and differences from the others. From weapon-choices to the
basic skills that would make up your combat style.

And for those with a flavor for the religious, Feudal Realms boasts a creative 'Totem' system. While
there are no hard-coded advantages or disadvantages, the lack of traditional "Gods" and real-life
religious principles make for a unique portrayl of death, sin and afterlife that is left entirely
up to the player.

In addition to all this, Feudal Realms puts a spin on the traditional 'Guild/Clan' system. Instead of
the usually customary Mage/Warrior/etc guilds, the land is ruled and populated with Duchies, Baronies,
Orders, Clans, and other such groups. Most of which have a deep and strong tie with the actual plot of
the game. But this does not limit it to this, any serious player can go about the route to making their
own House. And one has done so.

Feudal Realms is a role-playing encouraged MUD, that has made large strides to accomdate Hard-Core
role-players, as well as the casual gamer. There is an optional and restricted PK system for those
with a flavor for combat, and with the lack of an ooc channel, one could go their entire time in
Feudal with little sight of OOC communication.

Feudal Realms is staffed by hard-working inviduals, with a diligent Admin and Head Coder that have been
around for many years and kept it what it is today. Proof of this is the overall pbase, which over the
years has risen from less then 30, to the 50s, and now has a current all-time player record of 90.
All while remaining free and original to its principles.

But of course, Feudal Realms is not without flaws. And those are most visable in a couple of reviews
by angry or childish players, which for whatever reason or another fell out of favor with the game,
or did something stupid and felt the sting. Nothing is perfect, this MUD included, but its still a
great game, that is worth a look if your interested in something new and different.

Thank you for your time.
Jenred, Immortal and Builder (Ethren). :4242
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Re: Feudal Realms

Where, oh where has FR gone?!?!?!

I know FR's been down for a few years now, but the last I heard there were plans to, possibly, bring it back... WHERE IS IT?!

This game was a blast. One of my favorites. We were talking earlier about it and I figured I'd post with a 'WTF' query.
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Re: Feudal Realms

Yeah, I miss the hell out of this game...come baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!
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Re: Feudal Realms

After a few days of crawling years-old forum posts and the like, I found Terloch and inquired as to the future of FR.


Terloch told me in an email this afternoon that he is in the process of getting the game back up. The server is somewhere in Canada, and as soon as he gets it back, he'll be bringing the game back up one way or another.

So, I told him to hurry it up. Now we eagerly await it's return. I'll post here if I hear anything further.
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Re: Feudal Realms

Wow, I haven't posted here in forever... But this caught my eye!

If you're on facebook, check out the Feudal Realms community. I know Vesper is on there.

Yeah, the last I heard, the server was still in Canada, and Terloch hadn't heard anything back from the person who has it.

If it does come back though, I suppose I will have to log on for old times' sake. There's some things you just miss...
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