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It is said that 600 years ago, that Avandoria was a broad world, rich in knowledge and art. Legends speak of far-away lands, golden cities and skies filled with dragons. What actually happened to isolate the small island continent of Gwaer from the rest of the world is somewhat of a mystery. Some say it was a natural catastrophe, some argue that the gods were angered at the arrogance of man, still others believe that abuse of magic was the cause. The latter was the most popularly held believe, and until a few years ago the practice of magic was shunned.

Realm of the Magi (formally DragonStorm) is a LP/LDmud derived, text-based, real-time dark & magical fantasy themed role play game, that features fully interactive creatures and non-player characters, a driven skill and spellcasting dice-based combat system, an assortment of player-driven classes, the ability to experience 'dragon flight', a unique quest & puzzle reputation system, hundreds of 'soul' feelings and over 5,000+ realms to explore!

Currently, we are seeking a number of world builders  and mudlib developers to help rebuild our world. Since the entire game has a totally original theme and layout, there is just one main area currently opened to the public. We wish to expand the main area and add in additional continents as well. We are looking for willing participants to take a few hours a day (or even a week) to build a few rooms, items and creatures in our game environment.

If interested and up for a challenge, please come by and visit us today:

Game Site Address (Web):
Site Address (Telnet): 1501

Thanks & Have a Nice Day.

-++- RotM Administration -++-
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Visitors to Realm of the Magi may notice a marked similarity between their website and the Discworld website. They may assume that Realm of the Magi received permission to take the entire website layout, CSS, JavaScript and menu graphics, especially given the "thank you" message on their site credits page. However they would be wrong in that assumption.

Contrary to their statement the Discworld website is not a template. We spent a lot of time and effort developing a distinctive and usable site design. Realm of the Magi simply took the material without asking permission and despite the very clear copyright notice at the bottom.

-- the developer of the Discworld website who had never heard of Realm of the Magi until he read the message here and who was extremely surprised to see their website.
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Location: Waycross, GA USA
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After getting severely harassed by the players and a number of creators from Discworld MUD, I have taken down the modified copy of the Discworld MUD website that was redesigned for Realm of the Magi and created a new one in its place.

-- Silverthorn
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