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Feudal Realms is the MUD within which these events take place. Though in story form, the majority has been actually played out by the actual characters with only minor embellishments given for artistic flair. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed "living" it.


The sky was pleasant and blue on this day. A cool northern wind swept down from the mountains and all about Karathia was stirring. Even the small town of Karlsburg was said to be buzzing with activity. All along Archer Pass, servants and townsfolk from Karlsburg were laying out decorations and thin streamers on the trees and rocks. This day would be a good day, and all were praying to the totems for a blessed success.

Within the mighty castle fortress of Karathos a tired Baron continued to pace along the bridge connecting the massive towers. He had not slept that night and his face showed it. As he paced a brief breeze blew by, lifting his cape into the air and laying tribute to the flock of herons that blazed past
on their way south before the cool air came. The Baron smiled, such an omen could not be missed, and it was one that brought joy to his heart.

Cracking open the door to his chambers, he was surprised to be greeted by the squeal of a servant, and the hurled pillow that met his face. Normally this may have angered him, but he could not help but chuckle and returned to his pacing upon the bridge.

The light of the morning did not touch the face of the massive Ogre. He slept within the darkest of recesses of the castle. His yawn all but toppled the entire western tower as he rose to prepare himself for this day. Though he said little, his fangs could not hide themselves as he smiled into the mirror. Today would be a good day he thought...

Already the din of the castle was rising to a near maddening level as the servants moved about preparing for a massive feast and celebration. The entire guard were changing into their festival armors, brilliant red with
ruby chips about to gleam in the torchlight. The Commander of the Guards, Werden Gerome, smiled into the full length mirror as six servant girls moved about him dressing and fixing his clothing. One soldier shone about amidst the entire legion under the orders of the Commander. Mithe stood gazing out
of the window, his armor lay upon the bed, already polished. He gazed out towards the training ground, silently.

The other end of the castle was no better off. Already on their feet were the druids Mercatox and Sercina, each in their own respective rooms. A soft humming could be heard from the quarters of Sercina that seemed to resonate down the hall. Servants hurried from chamber to chamber waking a
few that had not yet risen, and bringing the festival clothing to those who had not yet risen.

An explosion brought a brief silence to the castle. The terror twins, as they had come to be known, were up much earlier working on an experiment or two. Theo and Shara were well reknown about Karathos for their knowledge
of the alchemical arts and sciences. Even they, who were now covered in soot and debris, were beaming with happiness and excitement. What they were trying to make only they know, but it is long gone now.

The music did little to calm down two people in particular. Raekwon, the leading mage in the race for the High Magus position, and Fronheiser, a young guard. The two came together, and working in sync with the cooks, and the main portion of the servant staff, had prepared a fabulous feast and
entertainment array that would wear the day and night away into a day easily remembered by the many that would attend.

The guards were in formation, and all things had been checked, and then checked once more. One by one, important dignitaries, and minor Lords began to arrive at the castle. Each was shown to their quarters, the news of this
birth special to much more than just the Baron. How time drags when news of this magnitude is anticipated. Suddenly a commotion was evident at the gate as a large horse arrived with a very important person!

The shuffling of feet were heard moments after the deafening creak of the gates as they were lifted by the guards on duty. The midwife rushed forward into the courtyard and then towards the keep proper. Already some
of the clergy made haste to the Chapel to begin their prayers led by Ajia, who was the highest ranking of them. Out of breath and covered in a thin layer of perspiration, the midwife bound up the many flights of the towers to get to the room of the Baroness.

Simultaneously as this was happening, two creatures of the dark moved within Karathos castle. Both on opposite ends of the fortress, but moving as though one entity. Aesolo the unseen, awakened by his own violation as none would dare approach his room, and Caellus the shunned, he that delved into the darker arts. Both knew of the day, but did not seem as excited as the others of the castle. Some would say they didn't care, but those that knew them well enough knew they merely did not show emotion. Unlike the
others, the two creatures of darkness chose to wear their typical dull and shadowy colors, after all, who would tell them otherwise.

Time passed slowly most of the morning. The Baron was now in the first stages of panic. He had heard nothing, and though many tried to calm him, he could not hear their words, or follow their reasoning. Suddenly, the doors to his chamber burst open and out ran a servant, her hand holding a towel, reddened from blood perhaps. She moved far too quickly for the Baron to stop her, and his face went pale with worry.

He ran to the door only to see a sight that immediately brought tears to his eyes. His wife, the Baroness Kylara, held against her bosom a child wrapped in towels and shining with the oils of life. He stood there, quiet for a moment, unsure of what to say, what to do. His eyes met those of his wife and there they remained, silent and unmoving. All was quiet and the midwife smiled.

The moment of silence was immediately destroyed as a sounding horn was activated and out of it thundered the sound of the herald announcing to the entire Barony the arrival of the blessed child, Katerina, first child of the noble union. Oh how the sounds of the servants and soldiers rose. Like a massive storm which could not be stopped. The very stones of the castle shook as though about to fall, and the tears flowed freely.

Directly after the sounds of music danced down and about the halls, led in song by the two druidic talents, Mercatox and Sercina. The warriors began their rehearsed march, the bass of their boots sounding as both terrifying and beautiful against the backdrop of the musical instruments and songs of the druids. The clerics continued their prayers, with more ferver now, but still calm and smooth.

Roland, in a manner all his own, held in one hand a massive keg of the finest Karathian icewine, and in the other the most tender servant girl of the castle. The roar of his laughter mixed with the squeals of the girl and he celebrated well.

Two men, nowhere near the immediate festivities, heard the sounding of the horns and looked toward the sky for a moment. The flock of herons had returned and circled the castle. As though they were linked somehow, they both immediately smiled. A smile as loud as any applause, or any laughter.

The sun was rising high in the sky now as the messenger mounted his steed heading west from the castle. All would be informed of the birth, and all would feast and dance and make merriment. It was decreed by the Baron in a moment of utter joy, that all within his holdings would enjoy the day and festival to their utmost ability. Removing the tax collection for that period, the people were prompted to rejoice and party the day away.

Soft chuckles spilled from the lips of the Baron and Baroness as they sat in the Parlour of the castle gazing at small pictures drawn by some of their finest artists. They reminisced on the day their lovely daughter was born five years ago. As they looked through they both stopped at a drawing that seemed to leap out at them. It so perfectly captured Katerina's eyes, they both agreed. How time passes so quickly when peace reigns over the territory.

The sun set over the northern mountains ending yet another day in the lands of the Baron. Each day fades into the next, and each day he looks to the sky for those herons. Amoung them was the totem, and he wished to thank it so much for the blessing it provided. Each day he searches, but they did not appear. Perhaps when its warmer. Perhaps...

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