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ArmageddonMUD is a many many year old RPI.
It has such an intricate and high-quality role-play system and active participants that many of them dont even like to call it a MUD, because with that term comes the stereotypical thoughts: (Numbers, prompts, levels, mindless killing, getting super equipment and pkilling everyone.)

That is not Armageddon.

Here role-playing is a must. But those that come here arnt forced to role-play. They come because they want to. There are hardly any punishments given on OOC behavior because the pbase is refined enough to not need being told to.

There are no levels. There is no experience. There is an invisible and realistic system behind learning, advancing in your skills, or whatever you choose.

For those that dont like combat there is a HUGE crafting and merchant side of the game, that includes making things from baskets to wagons, from swords to shields... almost anything.

But Armageddon is no walk in park.
It is based on, but highly evolved from, the Darksun ADnD world. The land is harsh, untamed... the people are cunning and evil. The main cities overseen by great Witchkings who wield ultimate power.

****Several playable races- Human, Elves, Dwarves, and Half-elves. With several more gained through your proven ability to handle them. Ranging from half-giants to half-lings.
****Several playable classes- Be a merchant, a warrior, a cunning thief, or a wilderness dwelling ranger. And supplement your character with one of 20+ subguilds... allowing you to make that character you always wanted to.
****R-P-I- roleplay intensive. The game features a one of a kind emoting system that makes socials almost non-existant. There are some, but the versatility of the emoting make few people use them beyond the occassional nod.
****No global chat  channels. For those of you who appreciate the quiet and immersiveness of an environment, your dreams wont be shattered by talks of pokemon or levels on a world-wide basis.
****ACTIVE STAFF- 30+ active staff members that make the world easier by managing the countless clans, organizations, and just the world in general. Spread across many timezones and actively trusted and capable, there is always someone available to speak with you.
****DOCUMENTATION!DOCUMENTATION!DOCUMENTATION! There is documentation on everything from the plants you'll see the cultural intricacies of the elven trust rituals.

Armageddon can fit any kind of character... except a weak one

Think you can take it? Make a name for yourself in Zalanthas?
Come stop on by... 100s - 1000s of pages of documentation to help as well as a friendly community based on the general discussion board, and an active group of IRC chatters willing to help as well. (discussion board) #armageddonmud (IRC chat room)

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