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Feudal Realms is a maybe 5-7 year old MUD. I'm not really sure on the exacts, and is always looking for great players. But over the years, its been gradually working its way towards an RP-encouraged, then RP-enforced, and hopefully soon RP-required. So its with open arms that I offer this invitation out to any decent Role-players that might wish to come brighten the world of Feudal Realms.

The game is set in a completely original world, withj many of the common fantasy themes that are a norm in MUDding. There are elves, dwarves, and all sorts, ranging down do goblins and orcs and faeries.

There is the common range of classes, from warrior - necromancer. With a few original works tossed in, like the work of the head-admin, the Knight class, with a Bard class in the works. Any player is easily accomodated by the possible combonations. With a variety of skills per class to make any type of customization easy.

The player-base ranges from around 30 at lower times of the day to a good 50-70 on the busier peak times. With an all-time high of 90. So there isn't a dire need for more players, like some MUDs just getting started, but the MUD is as I call it... split... three-ways.

There are three types of players. Role-players, players that role-play sometimes and kick back at others, and those that just kick back and couldn't fit into a role if their life depended on it. But I pray that the numbers will slowly shift, and part of my wish goes out in this advertisement.

There is a helpful staff, and a good-many helpful players. All making transition into the game fun and easy. The world is clean and pretty. As opposed to many eye-bleeders as I call them, that I literally can't even stand to look at because the color is so bad.

It is also clean code-wise. The head-coder is a great woman with a long-history of experience. Making the game run smoothly, with only the occassional downtime that is common on any MUD, as routers and power is never a full-proof situation. And with new additions come possible new bugs.

There are many great innovations that come with the good coders. From a craft-system, to great original skills that do things not seen in other MUDs.

The game has a rich environment, with many talented writers that further enhance the world and their characters through great original stories, submitted via Erdwin's Board System, that is easy and simple to use for everyone.

All in all Feudal Realms is a great MUD. Either for the casual role-player, or the hard-core that would shut down the few IC chat channels, favoring a more realistic approach to the world. But those not interested in role-playing, I encourage you to look elsewhere. Feudal Realms is making large steps towards a great place for those that like roleplaying. And while not fully enforced, it will not be tolerated in large amount. The only real OOC that is even tolerated is game-related, and tried to be avoided where possible. Such as the few mispoken levels, weapon stats, or HPs. Things like a discussion on Pokemon, or a football game are not allowed by any means.

So anyways, come check it out... you may find it to your liking. Like many of us have.
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