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Lpmuds vs Rom-based muds

When you look for a new mud which of these codebases looks more appealing to you? I think It's best to give every mud a chance and don't value codebase that much but they effect combat/crafting/equipment etc. nevertheless. I like both of them. Generally speaking, rom-based muds have better equipment system and lpmuds seem to have more options outside of combat, but there are exceptions... I'm playing Lensmoor(Rom-based but nearly all rewritten) and amazed by its complexity. It has almost a new codebase. Another question; When is it considered a 'custom codebase'? Do some muds pretend to be 'custom' to avoid legal issues?
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Re: Lpmuds vs Rom-based muds

I prefer ROM over any other codebase, although the first MUD I played for any significant amount of time was a Nightmare LP MUD.

A codebase/MUD is only "custom" whenever it is coded from scratch, anything else is considered a derivative of an existing codebase. You can't download a ROM and then "modify it" into being a custom codebase... it was always be ROM.

I wager most people that would try to pass a derivative off as an original are doing so in order to ignore the licenses that many codebases require you abide by (such as crediting the original authors of the codebase or not making a commercial profit off of it), but the act of doing so is breaking the law (along with any of the license conditions they may be violating).
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