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Alter Aeon January 2021 Update

Welcome one and all to the latest monthly update for Alter Aeon!

This update comes on the heels of the recently concluded Winter Solstice event. The extravaganza provided fun and activities for players of all stripes.

This month we celebrate Alter Aeon's 26th anniversary! In honor of this, we will be raising the level cap from 38 to 39 and adding a number of new features to the game, one of which includes the Fields of Fonts, a special auto-generated area designed to provide new content for high level players.

The map generates coherently, and loads Fonts, treasures, oddball features and batches of creatures taken from encounter files. Random encounters also trigger within the Field. It is scalable, and since it uses encounters for its population, its variety can be expanded ad nauseam. The final hurtle will be making Purnima-specific jobs functional. We have already tested a special addition to the survey command that shows players their relative position and distance to the City of Fonts, while anywhere in the Field of Fonts.

Last month we added an option to relabel bottled potions with multiple spells, a 'set autocompare' option, and personal fishing records. We also altered crafting, gathering and mining to make them somewhat more risky around aggressive mobs.

One of our next major projects will be a weekly archery tournament for Tuesdays.

Other projects for the near future include expanding autogen map code for general use in events, the hunting skill, more custom gathering options, adding more runes to channel casting and setting up random crafting component drops. Additional upcoming code changes will address some autorestore features that aren't working quite right, fixing instakill achievements once and for all, creating freak achievements for mages, introducing a color filter for people who are colorblind, and working on the siteban command.

In the building department, work on finishing Nightmare Plane solo and group 4 areas continues. We hope to have them finished soon the anniversary. We also continue to work on the Hinterlands zone, which we hope to finish in early spring.

For more information, please see our latest Youtube video here:
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