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Alter Aeon June 2021 Update

Happy Summer Solstice! Here’s the June 2021 update of Alter Aeon!

Usually we do a game event around this time but it’s going to be a little later this year. Right now we’re shooting for middle of July, so we’ll offer a more precise timetable in next month’s update. The plan is to release event areas in two groups, with the first available from the start and the next set opened a week later. We’ll be releasing the special area Starving Rock and also the Puzzlewood Mire alongside the main event zones if there is enough interest in doing so.

Last month, we released the Twisted Jungle of Foreboding, a level 44 group 15 area on the Nightmare Plane. There are two high level area in progress that should be completed soon. One will be the follow up of the aforementioned area, called the Mire of Madness. The other will be a level 38 zone for the Isle of Naginag.

Here’s a list of highlights from last month’s changelog:
  • A new mob type was added: SHADOW.
  • A new heraldic beast was added: the hippopotamus.
  • A few tweaks were made to which spells can be groupcast, and we made it so that if a spell can be groupcast, it will show up on its help page. Help pages will also now show if a spell can be maintained, and help pages now show if a skill can be used while resting, berserking, tanking, defending, entangled, etc.
  • A few minor changes were made to the levels of some spells and skills to flatten a few pain points in the practice curve.
  • We also made adjustments to woodcrafted shields so that kite shields are now two-handed shields and kite shields and round shields will have about half the armor of tower shields and heater shields, respectively, to give more room for carving, enchantments, etc.
  • You can now set composition on clan doors.
  • You tell if a Font (from the Field of Fonts) if unstable by looking at now, instead of having to cast identify on it. Also, unstable Fonts are now be somewhat easier to dispel.
  • Chill touch now lowers saving normal. Multiple castings are required to get the full effect. This synergizes well with icebolt and frostbite.
  • Scorch and chill touch no longer stick to FIRE type creatures, and static blast no longer sticks to ELECTRICITY type creatures.
  • Event announcements and the accompanying sounds should no longer show if you have the event channel off.
  • The effectiveness of some no-norm weapon types has been pulled back.
  • ‘Cooking check’ will now recognize culinary salts.
  • The spell 'cure blindness' is now 'vision', to remove conflicts with ‘cure poison’.
  • Add more options for using credits.
More work was done our our official client, the dclient. We added map icons, specifically to accommodate wandering mobs and when shopkeepers/teachers/priests are killed, and dclient MSP sounds removed from room weather strings. Infrastructure for playing longer weather tracks using the music system was added.

For more information, check out our latest update on Youtube here:

Also, the final installment of our D&D campaign has been uploaded. The story of this campaign directly contributes to the summer event. You can find it here:
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