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Alter Aeon November 2021 Update

Our Day of the Dead event went great, so it’s time for our next event! The Alter Aeon Thanksgiving 2021 will start on November 23rd and end on November 29th or 30th. We’ll be re-introducing the turkey shoot game along with numerous other quests for players new and old alike.

Here’s a review of updates in October:
  • The Field of Fonts is now far more open than before, with very few dead ends. Some new mobs have been added to its random encounters and jobs, ranging from obscure demon lord avatars to newly awakened rust dragons.
  • Two new dragonbreath attacks were added: crystal and earth.
  • The ‘agility’, ‘brawn’ and ‘waterbreathing’ spells can be added druidic spellstaves.
  • Druidic totems and fetishes now have druid cast level by default. ‘Enchant essence’ can enchant druid cast level on items that are wielded, held or worn on fingers, wrist, body and feet, but only if they are not primarily made from metal.
  • The ‘hawkeye’ tincture is now awareness, which gives you a small passive bonus to searching, lockpicking, casing and avoiding stealthy attacks and traps.
  • A number of changes to how traps work aimed at better balancing them were made.
  • Mage orientated achievements were added.
Here are some more updates planned for November in addition to the event:
  • Player made campfires will be more difficult to start and maintain during inclement weather such as rain, snow and high winds. Their bonus to regeneration for resting and sleeping characters has been increased. Builder made campfires will increase regeneration similar to player campfires, though not as much.
  • The 'brew unguent list' will display a list of all cleric spells that can be added to unguents, and how well you know each one (if at all).
  • There will be changes to the druid brewing skills. These involve removing the need to learn each salve or tincture individually and instead learning salves by groups and learning new brewing techniques. Furthermore, we will be consolidating the different salves into several groups with related effects, for example, there will be an olfactory salve skill that includes ‘cover scent’, ‘reeking odor’ and ‘insect repellent’.
  • Tinctures will be changing into tonics. ‘Brew tincture’ is becoming ‘brew infusion’, the most basic form of tonic. These work identically to brew tincture. Two new skills, ‘reduce decoction’ and ‘reduce tonic’, will be introduced. Decoctions are infusions that are heated over a fire to concentrate their magic, reducing their volume but increasing their level. Tonics add alcoholic beverages to infusions, which add restorative effects to the brew, providing the reaction goes well.
  • We hope to finally re-release Khal-Toresh, the Dwarf Village, a level 35 area, during the month of November.
  • Work continues to expand the soundtrack for the dclient. Most planes and situational music is done, so we’re concentrating on overworld and area “families”, such as Aztecs having their own theme.
  • Work also continues on the hunting skill. As stated in the last update, there will be changes to current hunter jobs to accommodate this upcoming skill.
  • Changes are planned for god worship, such as removing earning negative favor if your alignment conflicts with that of your god and making spheres do more than just change which abilities your god’s supernals use.
We’ll also be working on the Winter Solstice event intended for December.

For more information, please refer to our latest Youtube update:
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