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Alter Aeon April 2022 Update

Happy spring, everybody! Last month we held Alter Aeon’s annual Spring Festival event. Our next event will be the Mayday event, which will begin on Friday, April 29th and end on Monday, May 2nd. This event will be like the previous two years’ events, with players experiencing a different style of quest as they explore a crashed spaceship while piloting a robot. It can be completed by players of any level, even brand new ones. If you haven’t done it out yet, I would strongly suggest that you try out this year’s Mayday event area!

Here are some recent updates to the game:
  • There is a new forged metal: wind steel, an iron-mithril alloy that gives dexterity.
  • There is also a new wickercraft item: cornucopia, which can cast the ‘fruitage’ spell.
  • The opals in the mines beneath Ubar have been divided into potch opal, hyalite, black opal and white opal and added to the mining and lapidary tables where appropriate.
  • Some shopkeepers may now be able to cut gemstones from raw materials... for a price.
  • You can add gemstones to crafted jewelry as long as you know lapidary.
  • Wetlands terrain (mire, marsh, swamp) now has a dclient ambient track.
  • ‘Landslide’ now knocks over unbalanced opponents instead of stunned ones.
  • Called electric eels now have mild damage reflection and chance to stun opponents, and the damage reflection for porcupines has been made more aggressive.
  • You can no longer doubly mutilate the remains of creatures with ‘flesh beast’ and ‘bone guardian’.
  • You can now call animals while resting, as nature intended!
  • Reagent lore information should now show up on “shortid”.
  • Adding an arrowhead adds +1 hitroll and adding fletching adds +1 damroll to ammunition, even if nothing else transfers.
  • The ground cleaner now targets food, ores, spell components and herbs outside of clan areas.
Work continues on Primordial Chaos, an upcoming high-level procedurally generated area. Primordial Chaos is a shadowy, malleable realm riddled with pockets of raw material that mimics other planes. Distinct populations of creatures will be found in the different pockets depending on the terrain. Inhabitants will range from corrupted elementals to demons and more. There will also be distinct features within Chaos that will serve as landmarks, and places to collect unique resources.

Two other building projects will soon be coming to fruition. One is the city of Port Crimsonia, a level 42-43 zone on the eastern shore of the continent of Ramanek when finished. The level 34 zones of Dreahul and Thuoduhr should also be available soon.

For more information regarding Alter Aeon latest developments, please refer to our April 2022 Youtube update here:
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