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Alter Aeon August 2021 Update

Hello there! Alter Aeon’s big summer event has just come to its conclusion, but the next game event is right around the corner! In three weeks, we will have our Labor Day event, where we will present a continuation of the story areas from the summer event, along with level 5 fortuitous notary. The Labor Day event is set to begin on September 6th. You’ll keep your progress along the questline and in the bonus class from before, or if you didn’t have a chance to start them before, you’ll have another!

Here is a summary of recent changes:
  • Lowered the extra hitroll group-calibrated mobs gain to make them more survivable at high levels.
  • Modernizing and adding mid-level equipment around Ralnoth, Daigaku-tatami and the Aztecs.
  • Numerous small tweaks have been made to spells and skills to help them be more balanced, including some changes to how plural mobs interact with certain skills, improvements to flamestrike's interaction with curses and a retooling of flourish's morale draining.
  • A variety of changes to crafting skills, including the ability to add brooches to tailored cloaks, shawls and other outwear, adjusting the costs of craft quality improvements to more reasonable amounts, chain whips as a new forged simple weapon and a change to sky iron to make it more workable while retaining its ability to create high quality equipment.
  • Tweaks have been made to the Field of Fonts, including making more plashets (short-distance portals) and the addition of two-way plashets.
  • Various small improvements to weekday events, in particular to archery contests to make them more fair and to Thirsty Thursday newbie helper tasks to make sure they always trigger.
  • Added a few more pieces of cast and skill level equipment in various areas through the starting islands and added a new little quest in the beanstalk area.
For the future:
  • We’ve been doing extensive work for the Halloween event, and we have something in the works for Thanksgiving, as well.
  • The concealment enchant will be transformed into something more interesting in the near future.
  • Tons of soundtrack work has been done in preparation for the next dclient release, which will feature map icons and a full musical/ambient soundtrack.
  • Releasing the newly updated Khal-Toresh by the end of August. We are also hoping to have finished the Mire of Madness, the final group 15 level 44 area for the Nightmare Plane.
For more information, please refer to our latest Youtube update here:
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