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Alter Aeon December 2021 Update

Happy December, everybody! First of all, we want to announce the dates for this year’s Winter Solstice event. This game event will start on Monday, December 20th and will end on Monday, January 3rd. There will be the Emergency Package Delivery Systems, and the New Year vs. Old Year and the Christmas reindeer player possessed pk mobs will both be enabled. There will be a main storyline that will kick off in stages throughout the two weeks. Hopefully there will be enough to fill your stockings with a little fun, a few new goodies and lots of experience.

Also we are currently giving out our December Advent Calendar gifts, so be sure to log in each day for your gift.

Last month, the Khal-Toresh zone was reopened. There are new mobs, updated old ones, new equipment, and all the old equipment up to modern standards. Some of the layout was changed and hopefully any other issues were fixed up. The new questline for the area starts by talking to the physician in Ralnoth.

Here are some more updates made in the month of November:
  • Some more changes were made to campfires: player made campfires aid regeneration more but are more difficult to maintain in bad weather and impossible in flooded terrain, and pre-made campfires now help with regeneration and unchilling, but not as strongly as player made ones.
  • The druid plant healing spell, ‘bloom’, is stronger and has much shorter cycles now.
  • A new brew command option was added: “brew unguent list”. This command shows which cleric spells can be added to unguents, and how well you know each spell, if at all.
  • A 'brew check' command that lists all spell components, herbs and food in your inventory was also added. You must know the ‘reagent lore’ to use it.
  • There have been changes to bleeding, such as from bloodletting stab. Bleeding routines are all universal. They can be stopped by the cleric ‘heal’ spell or necromancer ‘bloodbond’ spell.
  • The first part of the druid brew changes is in, with 'brew tincture' having been renamed 'brew infusion'.
  • You can no longer join a pk arena if you have any active curses.
  • New tailored livery item has been added: bloomers, to wear under your skirts.
  • New forged objects: the broadhead and the blunt-tip. These variant arrowheads allow you to change arrow and bolt damage from piercing to slash or pound, respectively, making ranged weapons more versatile.
  • More random loot options were added for builders.
For more information, please to our latest Youtube update here:

If your stumped for holiday gifts, perhaps there’s something you’ll like in our official shop:
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