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Exclamation Where No One Has Gone Before

Well, I have been playing this game for almost a month now, and figured it would be time to give it a review.

It's a Star Trek Moo (Mixture between mud and mush really) in which you create a character and roleplay out whatever role you really want to roleplay.

Now this is an offshoot of the official lore of Star Trek, in fact there is no Federation anymore, it's now the Galactic Alliance (Read the timeline, it makes more sense once you read up on it Where No One Has Gone Before). So you have to do a bit of reading so you don't make a unrealistic character in the scheme of the game, but it's fun.

The game is built on an old, but usable codebase of Lambda Moo, it has space, transporters, phasers/disruptors/knives/grenades etc etc, though I have yet to see a combat scenario where one is used.

So, here goes the review part. The game has gigantic potential, and the "you can do anything if you set your mind to it" type of roleplay they allow IS pretty damn cool. The main draw for me is the huge galaxy, they literally have hundreds of planets, stations, ships etc to explore and do thing on.

The problem is that they don't seem to have any new players coming in at a regular basis. Hell, one of the players I spoke to oocly said her parents played and now she's playing cause of them. So they seem to draw more hereditary players than new ones. They just recently, at my request created a TopMudSites account and hopefully one day the moderator will approve it.

The game has an extremely rich story and history, and has the groundwork for awesome roleplay, but being that there is such a small active playerbase (Except from @stats in game):

"... where no one has gone before ..." General Statistics

Core/Server Information
Core Age            : 15 years, 10 months, 30 days, 23 hours, 37 minutes, and 52 seconds
Core Birth          : Wed Nov 25 08:24:07 1998 PST
Server Version      : v1.8.1-wno3.0.2 LambdaMOO Server Code
Server Uptime       : 1 month, 8 days, 58 minutes, and 34 seconds
DB Size             : 231,888,422 bytes

Object Information
Total Players       : 119
Active Players      : 56 have logged in within seven days (47.06%)
Rooms               : 36814
Maximum Object      : Large Aquarium (#75142)
Objects in $recycler: 0

Of those 56, the main problem, well I shouldn't say problem, but the main negative (for lack of better way to describe it) of the existing playerbase, while large by some games statistics is that they are largely inactive. What I mean is that they will be IDLE for long periods of time as the game has no idle policy or code to kick idle characters, though I see no reason why they allow them to basically just hang out for days at a time (code following):


|        |       Where No One Has Gone Before -- Game Player Manifest
|         \___________________________________________________________________
 /        Name_____________Org__Rank_____________Location_____________________)
|        /
|IC   0s| Vrih             RSE  Engineer         CCV Khaiell CIC-74999     ROM
|IC   1h| Shra'Hawk        SF   Admiral          USS Farragut NCC-90013    KLI
|IC  17m| Temple           SF   Lieutenant (jg)  Deep Space 9              TER
|IC  18h| Adamson          SF   Rear Admiral     A8V Newfoundland HPN-01   TER
|IC  21h| Corso            SF   Lieutenant       Deep Space 9              TER
|IC  11h| K'mpok           SF   Lieutenant Comm                 Unfindable KLI
|IC  11h| Giovanni         GA   Kaigun Daisa                    Unfindable TER
|OOC 10h| Taxo             SF   Lieutenant (jg)  The Void                  IOT
|IC   1d| Muireann         GA                                   Unfindable ORI
|IC   8h|%L'Engle          ADM  Q                               Unfindable Q
|IC   1d| Riley            SF   Commander        Deep Space 9              BET
|IC   1d| Starr            SF   Rear Admiral     USS Valkyrie NCC-2590     BET
|IC  59m|%Randal           ADM  Head Codewizard                 Unfindable WIZ
|        \___________________________________________________________________
 \____________________________________________________________________       \ 
                                                                      \       |
          Current Manifest Statistics:                                 |      |
             31 Connected,  18 of which may be subspace anomalies.     |      |
             84 Players is the current maximum connection record.      |______|
So as you see, 1 day, 21 hours, etc etc. So while the @who says that there are 31 characters connected, that isn't really a realistic number. Because half of them are working/sleeping/eating/pooping whatever. (Or hidden and who knows).

So enough of the problems with the existing playerbase, the solution is why I'm here. I love this game and it's potential, I currently am the only active Romulan Star Empire player to my knowledge in the game, and there are other organizations with hardly any people involved as well. We need more players, we need more newbies to take the plunge, try it out and see if you can make a home at WNOHGB.

As the game gets more, active players the problems it has will fade to the back due to the fact that the active players are interacting with one another, murdering, trading, or whatever.

While the game does have a bit of a steep learning curve, I would recommend you join, try it and talk to the staff, they are pretty cool for the most part and will assist you on character concepts, things to do and the like.

I hope to see you in game, and hope you give the game a shot so we can build this potentially awesome game into an in fact, awesome game.

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