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Pleos is on a distinguished road
Several dozen men and women, most armored in shining chain and platemail march from the Crusader chapterhouse north of Easlen. Their formation is tight, well trained and organized. Crusader knights, mounted on glorious stallions lead the group as they head southwestward into the wilderness.

There, the Legion comes across a band of orcs, ravaging the landscape mercilessly, just as their scouts had told them...

The Legion of the White Flame is a group of lightwalkers, led by the Crusaders, whom serve the light and all that is righteous in the world. Devoutly religious, the Legion spends their days preaching to the masses, praying, congregating and of course, battling evil.

If this sounds interesting to you, come try out The Turning Point MUD.

telnet:// 9999

The Legion (along with other similar factions such as the Foundation and Militia) are designed around weekly schedules of roleplay, where there's constantly something going on of interest to the mature roleplayer. TP MUD's time system (and -convert- command to track OOC vs. IC time) allows events to take place constantly, giving players a ton of guidance in developing their characters.

The Legion is always looking for fresh recruits, those bold enough to praise the Gods of Light and help battle against the darkness.

Check out the web site for all the details on the Legion and everything else TP has to offer.

Mature, intense roleplayers will find a fun, exciting and constantly-evolving home at TP MUD.

See you there!

Pleos, TP Imp
telnet:// 9999
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