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Orion Elder
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The Laws of the Tavern:

1) Watch the language, ye trolls!
2) No tossing of disgusting luncheon meats in the Tavern... we want something with some meat on it!

The Bouncer's Words are, 'Posts are subject to scrutiny. If your post violates the above it can be edited, removed, etc... if you know of something violating the laws of the Tavern, just PM me. I'll take care of the trolls.'

NOTE: Spam is considered to be posts which contribute nothing to the thread in which they are posted. This can include deviations from the topics, single word/phrase posts such as "heh..." or "i don't spam," etc.
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I'm going to clarify the rules for the Tavern a bit. My goal is to simply moderate in a way as to shut down these pointless, off-topic flame wars that arise so often.

The rules are simple:
1. No over-the-top foul language.
2. Do not attempt to drag a thread off-topic. In the past, the most common way I've seen this done is by attacking another poster. What I'd ask is that if you see someone attacking someone else, please don't attack that person back. That kind of tit-for-tat doesn't go anywhere, and just makes me have to moderate more posts. It's not the end of the world if an unsuitable post has to sit there until I check the thread next.

I may choose to moderate by deleting posts, by editing posts, or by locking threads, depending on what I think the best way to handle a specific situation is.

That's it! The rules are really simple to follow and if they are followed, I believe we will see a significant increase in the signal-to-noise ratio on this forum.

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