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Old 11-13-2003, 05:40 PM   #1
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CandidatusLupus is on a distinguished road

Okie, wee. It's been a long time since I really posted on a message board with more than ten people, and I never was one for writing long essays/messages that are built around what I think or want. And for my readers out there, I am quite sure that my babbling had already become annoying, and I have yet to state the main topic of this post; alas, I am sorry. I type as I think, and am not afraid to let my potential readers glimpse my underlying personality through my writing style and random off-the-topic comments.

Plus, I chose this forum to post in because my main message concerns coding.

Ah, onward.


I have, in some way, role-played in real-time environments for about nine years, and have MUDed for nearly seven. In that time I have developed a yearning for a game which can merge the two, not only well but also to my own ideals. I have ideas; in an IC perspective, I am constantly coming up with new towns, cities, villages, caves. New people and animals, all with a complex history, anatomy, and a personality. In an OOC perspective, I know only what I want, but not how to get there.

Okay. Now, most of you know where this is going.

"I want my own MUD!"

In a way, I do. I have spent a great deal of time looking for my ideal game to simply play on, and I have yet to find one that exists. In another way, I also realize that MUDs take money, time, and experience, three things of which are hard to come by for alot of people.

I am 16 years old and attend LSMSA, a residential college-prep high school, so this means that I do not currently have the exceptional amount of time that are is required for running a MUD; it also means that except on the single weekend at the end of every month, I do not have access to my own private computer (well..I do, but it's not hooked up into the internet). And I certainly don't have money, since I don't have time to work in the first place.

These things will not change until my freshman year of college (atleast according to almost every single alumni of LSMSA I've spoken to), and then again perhaps when I get settled out of school.

Ah, but experience?

This is something that can be worked on, is it not? I have no money for books, as I know many people will point me to. If someone could perhaps mention a really good one to me, I could beg for it for Christmas.

Next semester I am going to begin taking a C++ course (it's not C, but it's a stepping stone to all the other computer classes here, an' I wanna take computer classes!. This probably means I will want to continue training myself in C++ and maybe get my foot into Java (which cannot be taken until C++ is finished). Although C is not out of the question, and seems to be the most popular language for MUDs, I've heard the rumors that going backwards from C++ to C is more difficult than it sounds.

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays next semester? I'm going to be DEAD. Tuesdays and Thursdays my first class doesn't start until 2:10, but...::winces:: Oh, the other days and their evils! If I get on those days, it will be between 5 and 7. (Central Time)

Where was I going with this again? Oh, ah, yes.

What I am looking for is sort of a "compassionate" very very patient tutor. I am more than willing to start off simply by building on MUDs and working upwards into the more 'core' of things.

But who would be willing to do that and spend their extra time talking me through stuff when I have such a tight schedule?

If anyone is interested, or has any comments or suggestions on things I may have missed or things I have covered, please email me or reply to this post. (Email:

A very much preferred MUD is something custom (who better else to explain these things to me than those who had to start from scratch themselves?), or perhaps an LP MUD. I find them easy to understand. Dikus, ROMs, Smaug, someone who seeks to abolish classes and levels and experience points, I hate them all with a passion. That and my experience with IMMing on a Diku was a terrible hurtful one.

An RP-enforced MUD with a deep, ORIGINAL fantasy theme would be good. RP-good, mass-killing-of-NPCs...bad. Very bad. BADNESS. >.< Hmm. Yeah.


I have to go get ready for an assembly now, so I'll just let
all of you readers tear this post apart now.
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Old 11-13-2003, 08:56 PM   #2
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That was about the least efficient post I've ever seen. In short, you took about 20 lines to express what could be expressed in 1. So what's my point?

Become a builder! Channel all that energy to draw things out beyond any reasonable length into writing room descriptions! Exploit your gift!
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Old 11-13-2003, 11:59 PM   #3
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Spazmatic is on a distinguished road
Erdos, that was actually pretty funny...

Anyways, CanididatusLupus... I understand your position. However, if your goal is an overall ability to create and administrate a mud, here's what I recommend (though it's a short in the dark since I know of no person to ever take on a mud-oriented curriculum... probably someone out there has, though!

First, programming actually seems to be the least of your concerns. While you'll obviously want to dabble in mud-oriented stuff down the road (you'd be surprised how utterly unconnected coursework can be to anything "real"), right now, it seems best if you leave the basics to classwork, and wait until you've gotten a good handle on that element (especially if your school is as difficult as you say) within a classroom environment before worrying about mud details.

However, there are other useful things... For one, explore muds, generate ideas. Truly good, original ideas take a LONG time, and there are already a LOT of them out there to study. Too many muds start up with what, to the creators, seems the best idea ever, only for them to later find out that it has been done 200 times, and each time improved upon, such that they've been left in the dust, whereas exploring a suitable breadth of muds and mud styles could've solved that.

Second, there is the concern of actually taking those ideas and working them out. I'll place that under the above.

Also, if you can, you'll want to learn to build. First, you're probably going to be alone until you have SOMETHING going, and, if it's a from-stock, or even a stock, you'll probably do SOME building to give a good show to prospective staff. Easier to recruit. And then, depending on your success with recruiting, you might have to train some of them in at least basic use (believe it or not, a lot of really good builders are simply writers who get tossed in blind).

There's more stuff, I think, it's just not coming to mind... However, I hope that helps a bit.
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Old 11-14-2003, 11:51 AM   #4
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abharsair is on a distinguished road
I'd start out as a wizard (immortal) on an LP MUD, if I were you, because they tend to not differ much between coders and builders. Plus, to know the basics of LPC can be useful for many other programming languages - at least that is my personal experience.
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Old 11-18-2003, 06:15 PM   #5
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CandidatusLupus is on a distinguished road

Okay, yea, so it was a tad-bit on the long side, but I feel as though I had given some warning of that in the beginning.  Forgive me for that.

Anyway, thanks for taking the effort to reply.  I had at some point built on an LP MUD, however it required that I be on for some many hours a weekday (three or four, I think, may have been a little less or a little more) which I just could not handle at the time.  I enjoyed the fact that I could control almost everything about the things I built.  However, that was two or three..maybe four...years ago, and the knowledge gained there is now lost.

As a comment on the efficiency of the post, I found that the responses I have been given have been of the satisfactory kind. No one replied telling me that I should just give it up, nor just told me "read some books." There is a method to my insanity, but if you asked me to explain it I could not.
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Old 11-26-2003, 12:35 AM   #6
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The hard part about getting started on an LPMUD, and in LPC, is that there's not much good source material on learning it. I'm in the process of rewriting Ronny Wikh's textbook for the DGD server -- you can see it at "". If you're in the mood to read a book, that one will show you the very basics of LPC, though it's really geared more for people who can already program a little.

You may want to look into DGD. It's a great MUD server, it runs LPC, it's very solid, and the current crowd haven't got a massive bias toward making everything combat. Not the easiest to get started with, though. I'm working on writing documentation for it, but it's not there yet.

My site's at "", have a look around.
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