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Alter Aeon May 2022 Update

Happy May, everybody! We on Alter Aeon have been really busy reorganizing our crafting skills and guilds. Here’s an overview of what we’ve done recently:

There are now three more crafting guilds in addition to the Smiths Guild: The Woodwrights Guild, The Rangers Guild and The Lapidarists Guild.

The Woodwrights Guild includes the ‘woodcrafting’, ‘bowcraft’ and ‘fletcher’ skills, and includes four new skills: ‘saw lumber’, ‘season wood’, ‘beadmaking’ and ‘planar finish’. These skills spread out existing woodcrafted abilities and add new functionality, such as whittling, which lets you reduce the size of gathered wood by a small amount at a time and seasoning wood, which increases the strength and defensive stats of items by heating them over a fire. Woodwrights advance in rank by making mastercraft woodcraft items. Higher ranks in the guild improve your chances of finding uncommon woods and successfully working with spalted and rotten wood types.

The Rangers Guild encompasses the ‘butcher’, ‘skinning’, ‘leathercraft’, ‘furrier’ and ‘shellcraft’ skills, and includes two new ones: ‘tanner’ and ‘cobbler’. ‘Tanner’ includes the ability of splitting and preserving hides, while ‘cobbler’ gives crafters access to a variety of leathercrafted footwear with differing stats. Players advance in the Rangers Guild by butchering and skinning animals and making mastercraft leathercraft items. Higher ranks in the guild improve your chances of getting scraps when making leathercrafted items and making more powerful mastercrafted items.

The Lapidarists Guild includes ‘mining’, ‘lapidary’ and ‘gemcutting’, and includes four new skills: ‘grind ore’, ‘polish gem’, ‘spangler’ and ‘diamantaire’. ‘Grind ore’ includes the crush ore and splitting abilities. ‘Polish gem’ attempts to improve the stats and quality of a gemstone. ‘Spangler’ allows finished gemstones to be split into spangles, which can be added to leathercrafted armor and tailored clothing similar to forged spikes and studs. ‘Diamantaire’ decreases the odds of breakage when working with high difficulty gems such as diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds and topaz.

Players advance in the Lapidarists Guild by finding uncommon minerals and making mastercrafted lapidary items. Higher ranks in the guild improve your ability to add effects to gemstones and gain increased yields on mineral deposits.

Other skill updates include:
In addition:
Going forward, work continues on large building projects such as:
For more information, please refer to our May 2022 update on Youtube here:
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